If you were directing A View from the Bridge, how would you hope your audience would react to the relationship between Catherine and Eddie? As a director of A View from the Bridge, I would want the audience to feel that there is a mixed relationship portrayed between Eddie and Catherine. This relationship varies throughout the play and in the end it completely disintegrates. Also I would need to emphasize the turning points so the audience would change their views at these points, which is what a director would want. As the play develops, certain pivotal scenes change the view of their relationship.

Eddie should act as a father figure and be overprotective of her, as he just wants the best for her. I would want the audience to keep this in mind and subsequently adjust their views accordingly. The opening scene is one of the most crucial scenes because it introduces the characters of Eddie and Catherine. It is set in the home, which shows the close family relationship. Eddie is portrayed as an ordinary average guy who is a longshoreman and who works on the docks. We know that both Catherine and Eddie live together but we are unsure about their relationship.

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They are both friendly towards each other which may perhaps just be a normal friendship or they could be flirting. During this scene, it is shown by Catherine that she wants Eddie’s approval of what she is wearing, “You like it? I fixed it differently”. She uses flirtatious actions to gain this, “Running her hands over her skirt”. At this time, I would want the audience to re-evaluate their view on their relationship. As soon as Eddie comes home he sees Catherine and comments on her dress, “nice”. He remarks on how short it is which is a typical uncle and niece relationship, where an uncle is concerned about his niece.

Catherine is really eager to please Eddie as she runs around for him making sure he is happy, “I’ll get you a beer all right”. This conveys that their relationship is relatively strong. At some point in this scene Catherine tries to make her self look sexy. However Eddie does not like this, “I think its too short isn’t it,” as he does not like her to grow up and that he wants her to remain as a child. At this instant, I would like the audience to realize that Eddie is being a father figure to Catherine and too overprotective. Furthermore Eddie calls Catherine a “baby” which is caused by Eddie’s disapproval.

He says this as he sees Catherine as someone who is young and he does not want her to grow up. This ends up with Catherine getting upset and ending up with tears. At this moment I would want the audience to distinguish an uncle niece relationship evolving. One of the turning points in this play is of Catherine getting a job in a hazardous suburb. She tells Eddie of this opportunity; however seeing that Eddie is overprotective you can predict that he is not going to be happy about this. One of the reasons for this is that he knows that she is going to be surrounded by boys and that they are going to take advantage of her.

I would want the audience to realize that Eddie does care for her but he is slightly overprotective. Catherine is trying to get rid of this grip and run her own life. After decisions made, Eddie gives in and makes Catherine happy. She “then rushes and hugs him”. At this junction, the audience should see the grip of Eddie over Catherine is clear as Catherine is constantly dependant on Eddie’s decisions. The next crucial scene is when Beatrice’s cousins, Marco and Rodolfo arrive from Italy as illegal Italian immigrants. They have come over to America to earn some extra cash.

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