Imagine a child or an adult being killed with grenade harpoons. Now in fact, we would call that murder. What’s the difference ? Whaling should be stopped because it is indeed murder. And whales are beneficial to our ocean lastly, we are killing god’s creatures. Whaling should not be approved because it is disrespect. It is important to the food chain and lastly, whales are going extinct.One reason, The practice of hunting whales for supplies such as meat, oil, and blubber should not be legal. “Because This practice began, many centuries ago, as a way for coastal communities to obtain reasonable resources. At those times, this practice occurred at a short scale and it the whale society was not so affected. However, in our current day in age, the practice is more of a competition and the whale population has damaged dramatically as a result.” Aside from that, the products obtained from whaling are not used as efficiently as they once were this is cruelty , murder and in some cases even injustice.Another reason, Why whaling should be stopped is because it is toxic. What’s the point of killing it or trying to eat it. According to an recent article i read says  ” This week, it was discovered that Japan deemed whale meat purchased from Norway unfit to eat because it contained up to  the permitted levels of pesticides, likely due to agricultural runoff  leakage from waste storage containers.” this shows that we rather would like to take the chance to kill and eat but be in risk to have pesticides in our body and on the other hand whales and sei whales are considered endangered as well.                                                                                                                        Lastly, why i think whaling should be illegal is because it is disrespect. basically the hunters are saying money speaks louder than lives wonder how they would feel if their child was in this type of situation  whales play a big role in overall ocean health. And 1,500 whales are killed each year because of whaling.In overall , Whaling is considered nothing but hate, unhealthy, endangered and toxic it’s just so painful how our fellow citizens can be so heartless and put money before lives,  whales have done nothing but benefit our oceans God created everything for a purpose why keep letting this slide, continue ?Works CitedKirby, David. “One More Reason the World Should Stop Eating Whale Meat: It’s Filled With Pesticides.” TakePart, 13 Mar. 2015, www.takepart.com/article/2015/03/13/one-more-reason-world-should-stop-eating-whale-meat-it-filled-pesticides.”Why Is Whaling Bad?” Reference, IAC Publishing, www.reference.com/science/whaling-bad-92cfbb9763561645.luna.pos.to/whale/gen_con_pro_whaling.html.

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