is one of the most discussed topics in the United States, but nobody has really
thought about the “cost of citizenship”. The question is has “the cost of
citizenship has become a systemic barrier”. A “systemic barrier” is described
as being a part of a system in an orderly manner. Paul McDaniel author of “The
Cost of Citizenship is a Barrier for Some immigrants” argues that “the cost of
citizenship has become a systemic barrier”, especially to those below the
poverty level. McDaniel also discusses that raising awareness of the “systemic barrier
of the cost of naturalization”, will highlight the importance of citizenship
and how it has “become a privilege those who can afford it”. Some may argue
that increasing the price of naturalization is the best way to decrease the
amount of immigrants coming into the country. Economist Gary Becker suggested a
“radical solution” to immigration by selling immigration at a price for the
“desired number of migrants” and those who can pay for the “hefty” fee are the
ones who “desire it most”. He adds that those who are unable to pay could go
through system similar to the “student-loan scheme” or employer could “lend
foreign workers with visa money”.  I
agree with Paul McDaniel that the “the cost of citizenship has become a
systemic barrier”. Immigrants help America build into the successful workforce
it is today and increasing the price of citizenship will slow down America’s
“work productivity”. I somewhat agree with Gary Becker that immigration should
be controlled, I do not agree with the radical solution, but I do agree that
there needs to be a solution to the amounts of immigrants coming into the
country. I believe that the price of citizenship should be reduced at a
reasonable price, that could be beneficial for the immigrants and the economy
and that it should be controlled in an efficient manner not “systematic”.  In UTA, we have a lot of international
students who may want to be or are in the process of becoming a citizen. We may
have students who are not aware on the cost of being American, this article
will inform people about the costs and struggles immigrants go through in order
to become a citizen.

As some who was once the daughter
of immigrants I didn’t realize that there was a cost to become a citizen. Most
people do not know that as well, and people believe that the economy is hurting
the most when immigrants come into the country, when it is the opposite. A
survey conducted by Pew survey, asked Latino residents why they didn’t apply
for citizenship. The third reason at “18%” was “financial and administrative
barriers”. In 1997, the price of citizenship application was $95, “less than
15% of what it is today”. The United States Citizenship and Immigration
Services (USCIS) a “fee based agency” uses the application fee to “run the
shop” and that there “in the business of breaking even”. The fees of UCSCIS
fund 95% of USCIS “operations”, a comprise could be created by the government
in order to help reduce the price of application fees. Reducing the price that
could benefit for the immigrants and the USCIS at a reduced rate that could negotiate.”.
It is important for UTA students to realize that the process of immigration is
very tricky and expensive and as one of the most diverse campus in the United
States, it’s important to have common knowledge on one of the most discusses
topics in our age.

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A benefit of reducing the price of immigration
is that it will bring in more immigrants into the country. The “main barriers
of citizenship” is the application, which targets those at the poverty level.
Reducing the price of the application of naturalization will bring more positive
benefits to the United States, as research conducted by the National Academics
of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine shows that naturalization “improves
income, enhances civic participation, and strengthen social cohesion”. Reducing
the price will have to work in the favor of USCIS as the application funds 95%
of USCIS “operations”, they need have another money source. Reducing the price
as a whole will bring more benefits to the United States that a majority,
raising the price will only hurt the United States in the long run. UTA
students are the future of the U.S., and raising awareness on the reduction of
citizenship will help the future in many beneficial ways.

Another benefit is that there will
be more “positive economic effects”. As immigration provides “several economic
benefits to the United States”, this provides inexpensive labor that for many
“industries” and keep America’s economy running. A majority of immigrants work
in “low paying jobs” that a majority of are not willing to do. The Cato
instates reports that “one-quarter of all U.S. engineering and technology
companies founded between 1995 and 2005 had at least one key founder who was
foreign born” and “25 percent of patents filed in 2005 listed an immigrant as
an inventor or co-inventor”. The labor of immigrants in services such as “child
care, food preparation, housing cleaning and repair, and construction”. The
labor of immigrants “reduces the price of some goods and services”. All of the
factual evidence provided shows that reducing the price of citizenship will
allow more immigrants to come over to the country and bring in more revenue to
the United States economics. UTA students need to understand that immigrants
help build our economic and future in a positive direction.

Finally, immigration has become “systemic”
meaning there is a system set out for who can come become a citizen in the U.S.
The price of immigration is purposely raised, so that less illegal immigrants
come into the country. The “main barriers of citizenship” is the application, which
targets those at the poverty level. The immigration system as not been looked
at since 1986, “legal inertia and demographics” have changed since that time. The
out of date immigration system has not kept up the “ever changing world economy”
to the immigrants who are being blocked entry with no thought of how they can
benefit our economy. The government has not put much thought into immigration
until the problem has been raised in the recent years, which is being used for political
gain. People are not discussing about how broken the United States immigration
system is and only make assumptions. This is important to UTA students, as it
bring awareness to the outdated system, which can persuade students to do
something about it.

People assume that getting rid of
immigrants will get rid of all our problems and immigrants cause a majority of
our problems. It is the complete opposite as immigrants greatly “improves
workforce productivity” and President Donald Trump is the one of the believers
that immigrants do more harm than good. Stating that taking care of our own
people is a “must” and that he is “opposed of new people coming in”. President
Trump as never really cared about immigration only making ignorant assumption, only
used the topic of immigration for political gain. President Trump is used as a
spokesperson on immigration, when he is not educated on the topic itself. He
does not understand the true benefits of immigrants as the provide much more
good than harm.

            Becoming a United States citizen “is
one of the most important milestones” and immigrant can reach in the life.
Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright states that citizenship represents
“not just a change in legal status, but a license to dream” (Stringer 2016).
This dream should not be stopped due to the not being able to pay for it, all
of these issues can be solved in an efficient manner if both parties work
together. The majority of immigrants coming into the country simply want a
better life for themselves and their family. The price of citizenship should
not hold them back. Everybody has a dream, especially UTA students, and dreams
are meant to come true, and you must work hard in order to gain that dream, you
can comprise to get that dream.

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