In India it is quite the opposite. Here college or university graduates do not know where to go after completing their education. So they continue to stay on in the university as long as they can and thus try to postpone for a few years the problem of their un-employment.

This situation has resulted in over-crowding of our colleges and universities and fall of educational standard. In truth, the educational system is worse than worthless for instead of solving the un-employment problems, increases it.

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In the development of educational system, we have to keep in view the economic needs of the country, because through education, we have to prepare for various fields. It is true that for economic prosperity, other factors are also necessary, but importance of education in this context cannot be minimised.

The Growth of the Capacities of Citizens and National Development: The system of education should be such as to provide opportunities for the maximum development of each citizen. It is by developing individuals that the overall growth of the nation can be guaranteed.

This does not imply loss of freedom of the individual. In fact, we only want that the wealth of the nation should not be concentrated in the hands of a few capitalists. This is possible only by ensuring the right growth of the capacities of all citizens.

No Class-Distinction: No class-distinction in the planning of education should be permitted, because this results in neglect of the education of other more capable citizens. This will result in social disparities and weaken the nation.

Proper National Character Necessary: In the absence of proper national character, the necessary leadership and cooperation of the people will be lacking. Because of this shortcoming the national system of education will not realise its objectives.

With good leadership and people’s cooperation, much can be achieved, even when the adequate economic resources are wanting. Evidently, there is a close relationship between economic security and national system of education.

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