We should give priority to remove this short-coming. In the opinion of the commission, student-services should be recognised as integral part of education. Some important services which are necessary from the point of view of student welfare are mentioned below:—

1. Health Service:

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Health services for students should be established in all educational centres.

2. Guidance and Counseling:

The students need guidance and counseling regarding various courses. Hence there should be counseling bureaus at every educational centre.

3. Orientation of New Students:

In the beginning of the session, new students are admitted in every university or college. Some programmes should be organised for the adjustment of these new students. Every effort should be made to seek the co-operation of senior students in such programmes.

Full information regarding their boarding and lodging, place and timings of their classes, amount of fees to be deposited by them and various rules and regulations of the university or college should be given to the new students.

4. Student-Union:

The student-union has become an important organisation for the students. It is necessary, therefore, that qualities of restraint, discipline and creativity are developed in students through it.

5. Hostel:

Proper arrangement of hostels should be made in every college and university. Fulfillment of minimum requirements of their lodging and boarding is necessary.

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