In her article, La Guera, Cherrie Moraga has a consciousness raising experience
after she contemplates crucial aspects of her life that contributed to her
identity, specifically her skin color and sexual orientation. Moraga argues
that only by acknowledging her own lesbianism could she truly then empathize
with and understand the oppression of her Chicana mother. By embracing her
Chicana identity, Moraga further views her identity in relation to her social
class identity and her political commitments shift as she realizes how she’s positioned
in society versus a theoretical position of how it should be. Additionally, Moraga
considers how the cycle of oppression and the internalization of it, has the
possibility of uniting and empowering people through a common experience to
form coalitions in order to battle oppressive forces.

The Combahee River Collective focused their
statement on the prejudices that oppressed African-American women such as
racism, sexism, homophobia, and classism and how they were dedicated to obtaining
justice in order to make a historical impact. Their statement discussed four
major topics: “(1) the genesis of contemporary Black feminism; (2) what we
believe, i.e., the specific province of our politics; (3) the problems in
organizing Black feminists, and (4) Black feminist issues and practice” (Combahee
River Collective, 9). The collective believed that all Black women were
essentially joined together because they shared a relationship with those
trying to oppress them, however, the collective had difficulty in organizing
Black feminists because they were battling such a large range of oppressions. Since,
Black women were the only ones that seemed to be concerned in working towards their
liberation, other organizations and movements would have to examine how their
lives were impacted by varying types of oppression in order to take their lives

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