In this Study , the research used qualitative and quantitative approach . The qualitative methodpresents a flexible and refined tactic , while the quantitative research method permitsspecification of dependent and independent variables and allows for longitudinal measures ofsubsequent performance of the research subject .The worth of qualitative research can be more understood by testing it’s characteristics . there isone advantage that can be considered for qualitative research is that it can be more adjustable andpurifying of the research ideas as an investigation steps .Basically this researched is based on collecting the data in the qualitative form , through theanalysis of the financial and yearly reports of McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia .The source of the data or information’s in this research can be considered as secondary research ,which was collected through other researches and journals and articles , websites .Instead of the questionnaire data that is considered as primary research . so by using this data wecan demonstrate the hypothesis .17Hypothesis :H0 : Motivation has no effect on employees performance .H1 : Motivation has a big effect on employees performance.3.3 Research Framework :The research framework is generalized on analyzing the research objectives , the researchframeworks is established to guide and control the review of the literature studies .Also the different components of the framework helped to identify the proposions to tested andalso guided to analysis and geared the research to answer the research questions .There are three main theoretical frameworks that have been used as a tools for analysis in thisresearch . These are the importance of motivation at MacDonald’s in Saudi Arabia , Secondly thechallenges that can be faced by the company in order to motivate its employees and what can bethe overall effects on the company productivity and profitability . Thirdly , the methods thatMacDonald’s uses in keeping their employees motivated in a stressful time .The conceptual framework of this study was illustrated in Figure 1 .Figure 1 :Theoretical FrameworkEmployee MotivationOrganizational EffectivenessRecognition EmpowermentThe Challenges Faced By theCompany Non – Profitablecompany Negative Energy183.4 Research Population :The target population for this research defined to include people that lives at Saudi Arabia andmostly in contact with MacDonald’s , the characteristics of the respondents will be based on theirage , gender , nationality and their general information about MacDonald’s .The number of the respondents were 75 respondent their nationalities were different starting withSaudi , Indian , Pakistani , Moroccan , Brazil , Filipino , Bangladeshi , Sudanese , Yamani allliving in Saudi Arabia . about their age according to the survey the age was categorized on fourselections 18-25 , 25-30 ,30-45 ,45-60 and most of the respondents were around 25-30 . Thegender was basically on two genders Female and Male and in this survey the Females were morethan the Males based on the percentage that will be given in chapter 4 .All these information will be well discussed in chapter 4 with graphs and tables and charts .3.5 Research Device :A questionnaire was intricately designed to tap the factors responsible for attrition, the factorsthat are expected to be present in order to motivate the employeesThe questionnaire were prepared by docs.google/forum. The devices were used in this surveyare laptop , mobile phones . the questions of this questionnaire are based on the objectives andproblem research and the research questions of this study also in order to either prove thehypothesis is right or wrong , Also the instrument for this research were collected from theannual reports and the financial statement of MacDonald’s in Saudi Arabia from their Websiteand general articles , the survey was conducting by sending the questions into randomly peoplethat lives at Saudi Arabia and aware of MacDonald’s service and relationship with theiremployees and how they can motivate them .3.6 Data Analysis Method :In this we will discuss the data collected which is divided to two parts , part one and part two .The part one is basically generalized on the background of the respondent upon thequestionnaires that we make , firstly we count the number of gender involves and sort them intoage also their nationalities .Secondly we divided the data into three main parts according listedin research question ( the challenges , the ways to improve and the motivation ).19It is about and based on the data we collect from the respondents which is divided it by partwhich include three main parts .Once the data get gathered it will be taken into statistical method and analyzed by usingMicrosoft Excel . the data will be displayed as figures and tables .The discussion chapter will discuss why is motivation of employees is important at all levels ,and how to motivate employees in different situations .The data analysis in this chapter will focused on the annual reports starting with 2016 yearlyperformance of MacDonald’s ,then 2017 yearly performance according to Saudi Arabia , basedon this data we will try to predict the performance of MacDonald’s at the year 2018 , financialstatements , cash flow , balance sheets will be presented .20Chapter 4 :4.1 Introduction :In this chapter we will display the graphical presentation or charts according to the findings ofthe survey questionnaires , this chapter presents the findings , analysis and interpretation of datagathers whose main objective is to found out if motivation affects the productivity of theemployees at Macdonald’s working in Saudi Arabia or it doesn’t in order to found out which ofthe hypothesis is accepted and which one will be rejected , the survey which we will discuss willhelp us to get the correct answer based on the questions that were given to the respondents fromdifferent nationalities , age , gender living in Saudi Arabia and are aware of Macdonald’s .4.2 Finding Analysis :The findings of this research were collected through a survey . The data was selected andcollected from 75 respondents from different nationalities living in Saudi Arabia to understand ifmotivation has an impact in their life or not and what they think exactly about motivation atMacDonald’s . The first part of the data showed based on the survey the demographic variable ofthis research .This research has 3 demographic variables such as gender , age , nationality . themajority of the respondents were females by 63.6% and male respondents by 36.5 %. As for theage of the respondents the majority of the respondents with 27.8% were from the group of age18-25 next with 18.1 % from the group of 25-30 at the last group of age which is 11.1% at theage of 30-45 . Coming to nationality the majority were from Saudi with 38.4% . Next will beIndian with 17.8 % , Coming the Pakistani with 16.9 % ,after comes the Egyptians with 10.9%,Then comes Sudanese with 2.8% and Yamani with 2.8% also . Then Moroccan and Filipino andBangladeshi and Brazil all with 1.4 % for each

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