On one occasion when Hobson leaves for the Moonraker’s, she informs him that dinner will be served at one o’clock promptly. Hobson objects, as he feels very much dictated to by the women of the house. Hobson makes it clear he doesn’t like uppishness, which means the girls are having too much control. When Hobson has left Maggie informs her sisters that dinner will be at one thirty. This shows she has understood that although her Father will want his dinner, he will come in just that little bit later to prove his point and show that he is in control.

By giving him that extra half-hour, Maggie is still winning, as she understands Hobson more than anyone. Maggie also shows good sense of character in Will Mossop. In him she can clearly see the making of a successful businessman. And although Will claims he has no had for a business, Maggie does. Maggie is very careful about her decisions as she first of all tries and tests them like when she tells Will she has been watching him for some time. Once Maggie has made one of her decisions, she lets nothing and no one stand in her way. Anything or anyone who does pose an obstacle is crushed inn her path.

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An example of an obstacle that she knows will object to the proposal of her marrying Will is her Father. Here Maggie’s character is so strong and forward. The sisters could never dream of being like that, they just wouldn’t dare. She is totally confident that Willie will go along with her plan and resultantly goes to no great effort in persuading him. She simply tells him her plan that she has decided and simply expects him to go along with it. Maggie certainly doesn’t employ any romance or flattery of any kind. She is quite the opposite.

She tells Will that apart from making boots, ” You’re a natural born fool at all else. ” On the subject of Ada Figgins, who Will is currently taken too, she tells Will that if she weds her, he’ll be an “eighteen shilling a week bootmaker all the days of your life. ” By using realistic points, she convinces Will that he’ll be “slave, and a contended slave. ” Unlike her sisters, Maggie shows real initiative and is also very resourceful. An example of this is when Will is unable to go back to stay at Mrs Figgins because of the broken engagement to her daughter, Ada.

Maggie again shows her talent of thinking quickly and provides the answer that Will can stay at Tubby Wadlow’s. Maggie never once doubts that Tubby won’t comply with her wishes and even if he did disagree, Maggie wouldn’t take any of his nonsense and would persuade him to agree. Maggie is quite open about the fact that Will has been pushed into marrying her but she doesn’t seem to dwell on the matter. She moves swiftly onto talking about dinner, as Maggie doesn’t think of it as a big deal whereas the sisters and her Father think of it as huge.

Once she has broken the news to al who need to be told, including the groom, she sticks by her conviction and has every faith in her decision. She is prepared to put everything it takes into making sure that things work out and she insists that Will gets the respect he deserves by getting her sisters to kiss him as a sign of him being accepted into the family. She also tells him to refer to them by their Christian names and not as misses to emphasise that he is their equal. Just because he makes boots for his living, Maggie doesn’t expect him to be looked down upon.

Another example of Will being accepted into the family is Maggie making him call Hobson “Father” and her insisting nothing should be kept private from him. She takes every opportunity to boost his image and also his self-confidence. She helps him with his learning, even after their wedding day. She knows and hopes that in twenty years time, Will and her will be greater than either of her brothers in law. One might consider what she does to be unromantic, calculating and settling for second best. However, another way of looking at her ways is that is a realist.

She knows that there is no “knight in shining armour waiting to sweep her off her feet” so instead when she sees her “best chance slipping from her” she does not “stay lazy” but does everything in her power to grab it no matter what. She doesn’t allow herself to be held back by the conventional notion that courting should come before marriage. She refers to it being like a decorative buckle on a shoe, being ornamental but of no real use. She means courting needn’t come first. There’s no rule. In addition to getting everything she wants, she also has the satisfaction of proving the point to her Father that he cant do without her.

He needs all the help he can get in the boot shop and also on a personal level. Basically, she is necessary to his survival, especially as he is drinking himself to his death at the end of the play. She knows how his mind works and is still very loyal to him as she compromises with Will to partly own the business with Hobson. In conclusion, everything so far has confirmed that Maggie is an excellent businesswoman. Another thing that makes her so achievable is her cunning quick thinking and her ability to form a workable plan.

She manages to get her Father to sign a piece of paper allowing Alice and Vickey to get married and to also provide them a sum of money. Overall, the difference in the three girls’ characters is incredible. There’s Alice and Vickey who are much more interested in materials and worry too much about other people’s opinions. They are weak and are not prepared to stand up to their Father and they rely on people to get them through their lives and are easily dominated as they don’t share their opinions. But then there’s Maggie, the definite leader of the play.

She is strong headed powerful ambitious and domineering in a good way. The main difference between the sisters is that Maggie always knew what she was aiming at in life unlike her two sisters. We saw her conjure up a plan over many weeks to get Will to marry her and she did everything in her power to make it a success. I think it is safe to say to say that she certainly did that.

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