In the history of Hamlet, there are many criminals and not heroes.
Everyone has a defect that leads to something tragic or dramatic throughout
history. The main evil in this story is Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. In Shakespeare’s
Theatrical Story, Hamlet Tragedy, Prince of Denmark, the main character,
Hamlet, runs through a series of unlucky events throughout his life, and most
of the negative things come out. During the start of work, we find that Hamlet
loses his father, the king of Denmark. This causes a great depression to
Hamlet. Soon after, Hamlet becomes even angrier when he finds out that his
uncle Claudio will marry his mother Gertrudis and become the new king of
Denmark. This makes Hamlet crazy and during the work, Hamlet folly continues to
grow because of everything that happens between the beginning and the end.

                    Speech is used to convey
one’s feelings, emotions, and intentions. Shakespeare’s word choice for each
character’s speech, in “Hamlet,” not only reflects the personalities
of the characters but also helps the reader to gain a deeper understanding of
the plot. By recognizing the character of each character, the reader can
understand the situation of each character in relation to the plot and
understand the motive for their actions and responses. In “Hamlet,”
the Ghost and King Claudius can be seen as foils, through their language and
diction. The Ghost, who feels betrayed by his brother, speaks to Hamlet in a
very direct and decisive manner, demanding a righteous revenge for his death.
King Claudius, on the other hand, is very shy and elusive, trying to hide his
sin from murdering his brother and speaking in convoluted sentences.

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However, Claudius, being the King,
tends to remain direct in his speech by eventually stating his point after
talking in a roundabout manner. Thus, through speech and diction, Shakespeare
is able to convey the tension and motives for his character’s actions, such as
Ghost and King Claudius.

              Despite the fact that King
Claudius and the Ghost are brothers, they have different speech patterns
according to their situation. While King Claudius speaks in a convoluted manner
as he attempts to hide his evil sin from murdering his brother, the Ghost,
rushed by the short time he has time to roam the earth, speaks with a sense of
urgency. The Ghost also has more emotion when speaking because unlike his
brother, who has tainted his soul with murder, the Ghost seeks the rightful
revenge. King Claudius speaks in an uncongenial way where he mixes the grief in
his brother’s recent death with the joy of his new marriage: “We have a
tweak with the defeated joy, with auspicious and a dropping eye, with fun in
funeral and with she says in marriage, in the same scale weighing delight and
dole taken to wife “(1.2-10-15). King Claudius’s strange manner of speech
can be explained by his twisted soul, which no longer has any humanity. The
Ghost, unlike King Claudius, speaks in a firm and direct way, plotting his plan
to get revenge on Claudius.

                Shakespeare uses the contrast
between public and private scenes to highlight the difference in a character’s
speech pattern and language during those specific moments. The Ghost, for
example, does not have a soliloquy; therefore, most of your dialogue is in
public. However, one may think that since he is dead, and does not really exist
in the physical setting of

the work, all his scenes are
“private”. The Phantom is essentially a product of Hamlet’s mind: the

a voice that tells him to seek
vengeance on “the snake that pinched your father’s life and now wears his
crown” (1.5.38-39). So, the language of the Phantom in public versus in
private is simply the same. In addition, the Phantom is, in fact, a very
well-educated character who converses with an extremely advanced vocabulary. As
the former king of Denmark, his intellectual status completely surpassed the
current king, Claudius. Claudio extends his syntax to beautify his speeches in
public, but in reality, there is little or no meaning behind his sayings. On
the other hand, the ghost is presented directly, using a complex language to
communicate their ideas. Therefore, the difference in intellect and speech
between Claudius and the Spirit helps separate them from each other. The
Phantom subtly criticizes the actions of Gertrude and King Claudius after his
murder with his dexterity and language: “So lust, although a radiant angel
is bound will be satiated on a heavenly bed, and will take advantage of the
garbage” (1.5 .55-57). Basically, the Phantom is using its very advanced
language to condemn the marriage of King Claudius and Gertrude; but, only
intellectuals like him can fully understand the true meaning. He compares his
new association with the trash because they immorally freed themselves of their
“mourning duties” and continued to marry, completely forgetting the
King’s recent death. Finally, the difference between the previous King and the
current one in their language and the dialogue in public versus private means
the type of character with which they are associated. Shakespeare effectively
created those gaps between the characters to decorate the unique ideas and
themes he wanted to convey. Therefore, Hamlet’s success stems from the
complexity of all

the characters in speech.

              In conclusion, there are many paths
that Hamlets could have taken throughout the book, which his own indecision
prevented him from doing. Hamlet’s consternation is attributed to the hesitant
behavior towards his father’s revenge due to several internal conflicts and
personality traits that Hamlets possess. From the beginning of the play, Hamlet
is in an indeterminate state about the validity of anything that happens around
him. In addition, Hamlet’s doubts about the veracity of his father’s spirit, doubts
about his own ambitions and about the analysis of the world around him, left
Hamlet as a very undecided man that finally led him to his own death.

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