In this essay, I will be writing about the different area of the problem at BFGym and will be addressing them. At BFGym many of the staff are feeling very unhappy and unmotivated. Staff are felt like they treated unfairly. The major problem is several employees was heard talking about quitting their jobs, which would be a devastating loss as their experience is the function of the gym. The topic area I will be discussing is the reason behind the lack of motivation, pros and cons of BFGym bureaucratic structure, the leadership of Kate and Phillips and stress factors at BFGym. Firstly, I’m going to explain some of the reasons behind the lack of motivation of the staff at BFGym using 2 motivation theories.  Motivation is “the set of processes that arouse, direct and maintain human behaviour toward attaining some goal.” (Greenberg & Baron, 1997). At BFGym One motivation theory used to explain the reason behind the lack of motivation of staff at BFGym is Adam Equity Theory (1965). Adam theory is based on that employees become demotivated, in connection with their job and employer. As they feel that their input is greater than their outputs. Employees can expect to respond to this by comparing how they are treated in comparison to how they perceive others employees are treated.   Adam suggests that we seek a fair balance between what we put in our job and what we should get out of it. In this case, Nick feels that he is treated unfairly which lead to him being demotivated to work. For example, in BFGym other employers have expressed their views in the group meeting, however, Nick input was “discarded” and ” refrained from voicing his opinion.” Furthermore, Philip didn’t want to speak up about the situation of Nick contributing, however, confronted Robin and Jo. This link to Adam Equity Theory as Nick feels that he treated differently compared to the other staff as no one is on his side and have left him out. Furthermore, he is putting in more input as he doing the classes the trainers don’t want on weekends and early morning weekdays and is not getting output he deserves for it. This has a direct effect on BFGym hence the lack of motivation at the gym. Another motivation theory used to explain the reason behind the lack of motivation of staff at BFGym is Herzberg (1959) Motivation-Hygiene theory (Two Factor Theory). Herzberg theory is based on by asking people to describe situations where they felt really good, and really bad, about their jobs. (Nelson it. Noell, Herzberg Two Factor Theory of job satisfaction, 1976 P.6) At BFGym when the hygiene needs are met workers are not very happy on numerous occasions. For example, Jo was very upset as the management decreased one her classes from 45 minutes to 30 minutes. By her meeting the company policy she is not dissatisfied and increases her will to have the motivation to work. Furthermore, in the Two Factor theory when motivator needs are not met workers will not be satisfied. This is evident when Nick does not get any recognition for his hard work, as he does the classes the other trainers don’t want to and in return, he is being more left out and taken advantage of by his colleagues. This is one of the reasons for the lack motivation as he does not get recognise and is left out. For example in the meeting where he didn’t feel comfortable to express his views across. This also links to Vroom (1964) Expectancy Theory, as Nick feels it he tries hard he won’t be successful. This is because with him working more hard doing the classes his college doesn’t want to do he is losing his voice and the ability to fight his own back, as everyone just uses him and takes advantage of him. Due to this, it shows the reason why there is a lack of motivation, as other colleagues don’t want to be in the same position of Nick.  Secondly, many organisations like BFGym has a Bureaucratic structure.  According to Max Weber, ”Bureaucratic is a model of organization design based on a legitimate and formal system of authority” (Rick W Griffin, 2011, P: 325)A benefit of having a bureaucratic structure is that the “hierarchical authority applies to the organisation of office and positions.” (Laurie J Mullins 9th Edition P.50) This connotes that the within the firm there will be department which makes all the final decisions. This is evident at BFGym, where Kate the head of the management of BFGym made decisions which had lead them to a high turnover by not approving Jane Prospal of changing the exercise, as customers did not complain. This shows that the people at the top of the hierarchical have the power and position to have the final say. Although this is a benefit, it could be a disadvantage as the staff don’t get a demographic vote in the company making them feel unhappy and wanting to quit their jobs. As evident by Jane feeling stagnated after hearing from management.    Another advantage of the bureaucratic structure is that everyone in the organization knows their set role, leaving no room for confusion. This is evident by Philip who had the same spinning class for the past year. Although he is bored of it, he has he set job, which makes BFGym a high turnover, as there’s stability within the organisation and money is not being lost out by employees not doing their job properly.         

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