In the 1860s James Clerk Maxwell predicted the existence of radio waves which was the start of anything for radio technology. Heinrich Rudolph Hertz proved that accelerated variations of an electric current that could be calculated into space form in the space of radio waves, similar to light and heat waves. In 1895, Guglielmo Marconi had thought to be the first person to prove radio communication as he had sent the first radio signal to Italy.  He had flashed the first wireless signal for the English channel. Nikola Tesla is the owner of being the first person to patent radio technology. Tesla has found out that he could send and receive strong and fierce radio signals when were tuned to re sound at the same level. He found this out in the early 1995 but then his lab was set on fire and all his work was demolished.In 1837, John Deere created the steel plow when the Middle-West was settling in. Since the soil was different than that of the East he invented the steel plow. It was used for farming to break up tough soil without soil getting stuck to it. John Froelich had constructed the first gasoline powered tractor in 1892. Louis Pasteur had discovered pasteurization in 1864. Pasteurization ends dangerous bacterias that grow in dairy foods, mostly because there was no refrigerating.In 1672 Robert Hooke had constructed the first ever acoustic telephone. Later 200 years later Alexander Graham Bell had created the telephone. In 1876, Alexander received the first US protection for the development for the telephone. He had used one of his choral method for a realistic solve to the telegraph’s problems. His melodic telegraph was stationed on the idea that many notes could be sent along the way together as long as the signals/notes had unlike pitches. Elisha Gray had been individually designing devices that would  transfer speech electrically. At the time Alexander Graham Bell had been working on the same thing consequently they hurried their drafts for their prototype telephones to the patent office and had been in difference of hours. Since Alexander had been there first he won ownership for the invention of the telephone. Thomas Edison invented the carbon microscope and that formed a firm telephone signal. 

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