In a dynamic world, geography has increasingly become an important discipline. As the interaction between society and the environment becomes more evident with issues like climate change influencing our lives, it presents both intellectual and practical challenges for the world we live in. The role that geography plays, not only in identifying these problems, be they social, environmental or economic, but also in identifying workable solutions to these challenges, attracts me to this study at degree level.In a dynamic world, the study of geography is increasingly important. The diversity of the subject and the interaction between the physical environment and human population is becoming even more evident with climate change and globalisation influencing our everyday lives.My recent visit to Nigeria allowed me to appreciate how this fragile interdependence between humans and their life environment can influence communities in a time of climate change. It was unfortunate to see how the Nigerian government’s attempts to prevent desertification through afforestation schemes had proved unsuccessful amongst crop farmers. It demonstrated to me the importance of also addressing the underlying enablers of desertification in the region which included unsustainable grazing practices, a booming population and rural poverty. It is the interdisciplinary nature of these debates concerning land management that have attracted me to the study of geography for its potential to devise sustainable solutions to these global challenges. I have been particularly intrigued by Allan Savory’s technique of holistic planned grazing as a management process to reverse desertification. Despite going against the prevailing expert view that overgrazing causes desertification, I believe that Savory’s approach to the problem of desertification maintains a sound basis. Exploring these contrasting management techniques and tailoring them to the needs of different societies is one of the many aspects of geography I find rewarding. Alternatively, my enthusiasm for the human side of geography is underpinned by the fact that it encompasses so many of the challenges that have shaped my local community.  For example, the pressure that the rising population in Bury St Edmunds has placed on the local town centre and its redevelopment has fascinated me. During my work experience placement with the local town council I was interested to learn that the building of the new retail centre had weakened trade in the older, more historic parts of the town. This highlighted the need to improve links between both parts of the town in order to benefit town users and local businesses. During this placement, I enjoyed immersing myself in the debates surrounding these local challenges and creating suggestions to improve the accessibility of the town through pedestrianising Buttermarket and Cornhill, as well as St Andrews Street South.Outside of my studies I have enjoyed participating in activities to help develop both my intellectual and artistic abilities. For example, finishing in the top 5 teams nationally at the Ellen McArthur ReDesign workshop has demonstrated my enthusiasm and commitment towards sustainable development. The workshop taught me that although the circular economy model may be difficult to implement on a global scale, it is the key to building a restorative future whereby resources are designed to be made again. My interests outside geography include playing the piano and violin, both to grade 8 standard. My dedication to music has led me to win numerous competitions at the Suffolk Festival of Performing Arts including the title of West Suffolk Young Musician of the Year.Overall, I look forward to studying geography at degree level. I am always fascinated by new developments in the field and I would relish the opportunity to immerse myself in its intricacies at university.

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