In reviewing
the evolution of healthcare reform, I found that at the start, healthcare
reform wasn’t a major issue and was supersede over other issues such as the
passing of social security bill by Franklin D. Roosevelt favored in 1935. There
were also life-changing circumstances that put proposals on hold which they
were eventually forgotten. It appears health care proposals that were being
approved was for individuals that worked in the government sector and those
that weren’t getting passed was any proposal that would benefit the public as
in the Truman proposal of 1935. I also found that past presidents had to slowly
implement additional healthcare reform bills into a previous bill as during the
Kennedy administration era (1961-1963) and the Johnson administration era
(1963-1969), where Kennedy presented the proposed insurance coverage to those
65 and older, the blind, poor and disabled to be included in social security
benefit package. Than Johnson completed adding on an additional proposal in the
form of Medicaid, but with great opposition (Hospital Review. Para 12).

     The task at getting healthcare for every
American has been accomplished but at what cost, for while past presidents have
issued proposals for continuous healthcare reform, most have been thrown out or
forgotten due to economic issues, but the cost of proposals that have been
approved have not been in favor for most Americans. They can’t afford to pay
high medical coverage from their insurance carriers or pay high co-pay when
they visit the doctor office, not along hospital stays or emergency services.
As during the Bush administration where the Medical Catastrophic Coverage Act
of 1988 with higher premiums and higher taxes. But there have been benefits to
healthcare reform in its expansion. The Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act, signed in by President Clinton, which benefits families,
particularly children. Then you have the Medicare Drug Improvement and
Modernization Act of 2003 which was during the Bush administration era, which is
part of Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit (Becker Hospital Review,
para 29).

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      The game changer for healthcare reform
was The Affordable Care Act (ACA), signed by former President Obama in 2010.
This healthcare reform impacted over 30 million Americans who did not have
health insurance. This plan has allowed states the option of expanding their
Medicaid plan at the cost of federal expenses for families with low income. It
has also allowed parents to put their dependents on their job health plan until
the age of 26, which totally surprised me. 
But one part of his plan that I think that met with the opposition was
the Health Insurance Marketplace for individuals to shop around for affordable
health care plans based on their income. I personally visited the marketplace
to get health coverage for me and my daughter, but based on the information I
gave them, my coverage was still too high, which totally infuriated me. The law
also states that everyone must get medical coverage or be penalized for it, I
strongly believe that interference of our constitutional rights is being taken
from us with this mandate. So, does, that goes for homeless people as well, if
so, how will they be penalized for they already have nothing to live on.
Regarding patient care, healthcare reform did not advance in this area for the
simple fact that every healthcare plan is not the same, an individual patient
care depends on what type of healthcare plan they have for each plan depends on
how much you are paying for that plan. Blue Shield Blue Cross has excellent
medical coverage and patient care, if you get sick and must go into the
hospital or to a clinic than you know that your going to be the first pic as
opposed to someone with a low health plan or government issued health plan, who
will be waiting and be waiting and waiting for healthcare services.

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