In India, The Malted Health Drink Market is one of
the most swiftly growing compelling markets in food services sector. Due to increase standard
of living and changing lifestyle and high level of consumerism backed by rising
income levels, growing inclination of Indian consumers towards healthier food
and beverages by which Indian market become an emerging trend of food industry
that makes positive impact on Malted Health Drink Markets. 
to “India Malted Health Drink Overview 2017”, India’s malted drink market is
expected to grow with a CAGR of 17.4% for next six years. Owing to urbanization
and increased income of people, south India has the largest market share in
malted drinks, followed by east and north.
(Positioning in this industry plays a
major role, since it sets differentiation in the minds of consumers. It helps
in generating high brand recognition.)

Overview of the Research:
Positioning is equally important for the consumers, as it is for the marketers.
It helps in generating high brand recognition (aided awareness). Keeping this
in light, this research aims to bring into picture; the top 3 planks of positioning
that are best suited to position the products in the Malted Health Drink
Various positioning planks (benefit based, durability based, convenience based,
competition based, emotion based, rational/logic based, usage based and
irrational) often put the marketer in dilemma in terms of which one to choose
in order to position their products. Certainly, there is no said rule to
position a product, but establishing top 3 planks of positioning that generate
high brand recognition in our chosen product category (Malted Health Drink),
will help in confining to the same (top 3), while choosing a particular plank.

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Background and Literature Reviews :
(Written separately)

Research Problem Statement:
establish the top 3 planks of positioning and analyze its affect on brand recognition
(aided awareness) in the Malted Health Drink Market among teenagers of age
group 14-17 with a minimum annual family income of 6 LPA.

(The study will focus on the top 5
players (based on their market share) in this product category and will aim at
detailed analysis of their intended positioning strategy.)

Research Objectives:
1- To
comprehend the relationship between brand positioning and brand recognition and
to find out how brand positioning affect (make a difference to ) brand recognition.

2- To explore the importance of
communication approach in conveying the brand message to consumers.

3- To identify and describe the
demographic and psychographic characteristics of the consistent consumers.

4- To study the current Malted Health
Drink Market and identify the top 5 players hence highlight their present plank
of positioning.

Research Design/Study Design:
To extract
the most accurate result, two tier research design is considered:
Exploratory: To explore and identify through the research problem in order
to provide insight and understanding about the current positioning planks and
the degree of  brand recognition in our
product category.
Conclusive: Under conclusive research design the study will undertake descriptive
Descriptive Research: The study undertakes descriptive research design because
the objective of this research is to describe the characteristics (demographics
and psychographics) of the consumers. It also focuses on studying the
positioning of the top 5 players in the chosen product category.
The study also aims at studying the relationship between brand positioning and
brand recognition. (Correlation)

1-Brand Recognition is
dependent on brand positioning.
2-Top three plank of positioning generates higher brand 

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