April 2017, the Libreal government introduced legislation and regulate
recreational to legalize cannabais (aka marijuana) in Canada. The bill is on
track to legalize marijuana by july 2018. So far frameworks and law are being
made, such where it’s going to be sold. Sales of mirjuana will be sold/run by
provincial government-owned entites, privately- run storefront or online sales
and the legal age will be arranged by the country’s province. The legal age for
Ontario will be 19+ years old and will be run as a government operation
storefront. Some example of Ontario’s Cannabais Act is as follows:

Creating a new provinical retailer,
run by LCBO in order to ensure safe and socially responsible distribution of
recreational cannabais through stand-alone stores and  an online order service.

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Protect youth and youth adult by
setting the minimum age to 19 to use, buy, possess and cultivate in Ontario.

Ban the use of mairjuana in
workplaces, public areas or vehicles.

Help eliminate illegal developments

Keeping Ontario’s road safe
(impairing driving)

It will remain illegal to import
cannabis products, and export without proper permition.

For more information see page
under Legal issue: Legalization of Marijuana

is said that 40 stand-alone cannabais are expected to run by July 2018, and 150
stores by 2020. Those who are the legal age will be able to grow four cannabis
plants for personal usage. As well, possess 30 gram oo dried cannabis.
Marijuana will be sold for $10 a gram by the Ontario Cannabis Retail
Corporation (OCRC) working with the LCBO.

 It is said that the “14 municipalities that
will be run by the stores are in Toronto, Mississagua, Brampton, Vaughan,
Hamilton, Barrie, Kingston, kitchener, London, Ottawa, Sault ste. Marie,
Sudbury, Thunder bay, and Windsor.” The OCRC will be taking measurments to insure
that no foul play is being committed. Those remaining illgeal storefront
dispensaires still operating across Ontario, will be forced to shut down and face
either fines, such as $1 million dollars or serve jail time for “as long as two
years less a day.”

legislation builds  on federal laws  and creates new rules  that will help ensure cannabis remains a
carefully controlled substance in Ontario.” Quotes Yasir Naqvi, the  Attorney General of Ontario.

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