In my last year of secondary school, my English teacher told me
that going to tertiary education was like climbing up a ladder. The higher you
climb, the more you have to commit yourself, the more cornered you will get, and
the harder it is to not do well. Though, once you reach the top, you have a better
view of the world. This image has circled through my head ever since. Starting
my studies in Eindhoven, I had a few goals that I was determined to realize. Not everything has
gone according to plan, but I am happy where I am at and feel accomplished in
what I have achieved so far. I am 1/8th up the ladder and looking forward to
the rest of the climb.

My primary goal for my first semester was to get good grades. With
the willpower and a driven attitude, I have collected all my credits so far,
with at least a 7 in all my classes. To a great extent, it was changing my attitude
towards organization and motivation. I started taking notes during classes and
using my iPhone agenda to organize my days. This way, I found that I could
study more effectively, and that I had enough time left to spend on hobbies and
social tasks. Even though I did not always stick to my schedule, I managed to
finish all my assignments in time, without putting too much pressure on myself.
Higher education sometimes feels like a balancing act, but that is why
accomplishing your goals is so valuable and enjoyable.

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I have also accomplished many of my personal goals. I learned to stretch
myself in exploring different options, and making friends with people I just
would usually not approach. I have made a plenty of good friends at Fontys, and
I think that helps a lot in working successfully. Making friends from different
countries has also been a new experience for me. It has definitely changed my
view of the world, because they taught me so many new and interesting things,
and I was not used to so much diversity. 

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