this pace of living, life can be so narrow and unrewarding if you are living
each day with no plan for the future and little thought towards helping others.
Sometimes people who haven’t had the chance to appreciate this truth for themselves
yet, they are unhappy because of it. This seems to be the noticeable reality. For
the past years my objectives in life have been developing me to the most and
every opportunity that I have and I am so privileged of these chances, that
allows me to understand how to live a meaningful life. The delightful achievement
of my life was earning my bachelor degree, despite the fact that I have to be a
working student just to reach the dream that I have for myself, because of my
absolute commitment towards earning a degree.

My parents
have always been my inspiration, who never gives up on me not only to go for my
dreams but to make sure that my dreams and goals will benefit others and not
just me. I have grasped a sight of the kind of future. Currently, I work as a
preschool and sports teacher. I enjoy what I’m doing right now, but I wanted to
improve myself. I believe that as a teacher, I will be able to have a positive
impact on my community, and even the world, for many reasons, but most
importantly, because I am driven to support students find confidence in
themselves and their abilities, which will lead them forward to have a
successful lives, in this manner improving whatever communities they end up
living in as well. The Distance Education program is the best option for me in
pursuing the studies in Social Studies because of its convenience and
flexibility. This is the greatest revolution of today’s education, aside from
the fact that I live abroad.

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 My work experiences here, motivated me how
much I love to be connected to people and helping them in many ways If I have
the proper background, I do believe that I will be able to reach the unreached
people in the society it may be within or outside from my home country I have a
good academic track record hence far I have every expectation of improving upon
my performance now that I have found my niche and am ready to commit my full
attention. I know when I earn the credentials and training to go along with
being compassionate. I will be able to make a positive and lifelong impact on
other, and the lives of those who surround them, this fills me with a real
sense of eagerness and intense purpose to start on the long path of learning
that lies before me.


is my plan in this next educational step to increase my awareness of social
studies, refine my knowledge about human service programs, improve my listening
and interviewing skills, and in general to enhance my abilities on how  to work effectively as a professional in this
field. I hope that as I become more experienced, my volunteering activities
will expand as well since I will be able to offer more expertise to those in
need. I am looking forward to building a good educational foundation which I
hope to constantly improve upon by staying abreast of any improvements in the
field. As it is, my long-term goal to continue on to earn a Masters, any school
I attend can be doubly assured that I will strive to achieve the best level of
academic success as possible as my performance there will directly affect my
future academic goals.

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