In the travel and tourism industry there are a lot of different job in different sectors, for example in hospitality and tourism there are eleven different sectors however the one that I will write about is events. Most specifically a senior event manager.

Senior event manager

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A senior event manager’s role is to talk through contracts with clients, to collaborate with communicating with the customers, managing a record of costs and minding budgets, promoting the event by invites through social media, email, phone calls and sometimes senior event managers must promote the event with the press, they also must meet and greet guests.

Duties and responsibilities:

A senior events manager’s main duties and responsibilities are to plan and promote an event, in the best interests of a customer or even your own organisations. You will negotiate with customers, exhibitors, suppliers and guests to guarantee the event are according to plan, and just how the customer and company want it, you also must deal with a team of event coordinator. As a senior event manager, you may focus in one area only, or plan a variety of events – such as weddings, parties, festivals, meetings and conferences, and sometimes even launches of a product or company.

You will deal with every attribute of planning an event from deals to advertising. You will likewise design the distribution of posters or leaflets and promotional items to publicize the event and guarantee the event organisers are offering stand space to exhibitors before and throughout the exhibition. As a senior event manager, you will work with an event administrator to promote and coordinate the operational parts of the event. This includes arranging timetables and contacting and collaborating with catering companies and food suppliers, venue contractors, any additional employees needed for the special occasion, and equipment hire organizations to provide the venue with refreshments and other services such as electrical appliances. You will guarantee the organizers of the event are working adequately and managing enquiries from exhibitors, speakers, supporters, sponsors and guests. It is fundamental that you sort out protection, security following the health and safety regulations. Not only do you have to organise the event but you also need to make sure to strictly follow the guidelines of the budget requested by the customer, so you would need to keep a record of everything you plan to pursue.

Entry Requirements:


To be able to pursue the job of a Senior Events Manager would require having a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Event Management, a Level 3 Award in the Principles of Supervising Customer Service performance in HLTT before you even apply for the job and a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Event Management as your training when you do get the job. Type of contract would be a 16month fixed term contract and it would be a full-time job.

Personal skills, attributes and experiences:

These are the sort of things that you would need to be able to do, so you can be the best at your job and to make sure that you get the job, you need to make sure that you are able to:

·         Construct and supervise groups.

·         Construct your organisation’s comprehension of its market and clients base.

·         Advertise data and information.

·         Co-ordinate correspondences functions and the distribution of the company’s communications.

·         Create and oversee information systems.

·         Promote and approve a strategy for the event to be a success.

·         Promote and approve the idea of an event.

·         Promote and execute operational plans for your area of duty.

·         Promote and actualize strategies and procedures for an event.

·         Promote and actualize proactive and responsive PR procedures and strategies.

·         Create marketing tactics and plans for services and products.

·         Create beneficial working associations with partners and stakeholders.

·         Guarantee consistency with legitimate, administrative, ethical and social requirements.

·         Assess and announce the success and accomplishments of the event.

·         Distinguish and arrange contracts for an event.

·         Distinguish, arrange and safe venue for the event.

·         Arrange meetings with staff and customers regularly so the event can be as the customers want and so the staff knows exactly what to do.

·         Oversee finances for your area of duty.

·         Oversee physical assets.

·         Deal with the accomplishment of customer’s loyalty.

·         Get sponsorship/income for the event.

·         Plan your selling activities.

·         Enrol, select and keep partners.

·         Research and agree on the extent of the event.

Progression and promotion opportunities:

What progression/promotion opportunities are there?

There are not many opportunities of promotion when you are a senior manager, unless if you become the owner of our own organisation. A business owner will have their own organization and facilitate all sorts of the business, from funding to advertising. Depending upon the size of the business they may employ senior managers and managers to oversee specific areas of the business to guarantee it works effectively. There will be obligations that you would have to do every day such as:

• co-ordinating exercises within the staff and members

• overseeing budgets

• selecting, training and preparing staff

• business advertising 

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