Out of the two detectives I think I like Sherlock Holmes better, maybe because he gets the case done in a different way to Morse. I like they way he sits and thinks about one thing because I know that I couldn’t do it. Also I think Holmes had a lot more time to think these things through because as I said before Morse just does his work as a job not any other time. I think it is quite obvious from the start who the villain is because he comes to Holmes house demanding answers from Holmes because his step daughter had come to see him. Holmes was warned off and Dr Roylott left after bending the poker.

Neighbourhood Watch isn’t that easy to tell who the villain is in the beginning but she is there in the pub opposite Morse and he and Dr Ullman don’t even notice that she is the villain until right near the end. I think the attitude of Dr Roylott is put on because the description of Dr Roylott is ‘he was so tall ……….. old bird of prey’. This description tells you that he is supposed to be strong and a violent type of man. The description also says that he had a top hat on and his head brushed the top although maybe that could have been the hat.

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It said he brushed the door side to side as well but he could have been over weight. You don’t even notice that she is the villain in the story because she is described as a beautiful 30 year old woman just sitting doing a crossword puzzle. I didn’t even think it was her. I thought it was Dr Ullman just attention seeking and he wrote the note himself. We are told that Dr Roylott’s personality isn’t exactly hospitable and he is a bit mad because he lets a wild cheetah and baboon roam around his house with no concern. He also must have been a bit violent otherwise he wouldn’t have killed his butler.

We are told about the villain by Dr Ullman. All we know is that she is a copy cat thief and like Morse is very observant because she watches Dr Ullman’s house from the bus stop. She is very good at keeping herself unknown to the victim. Dr Roylott acts strong and violent because he beats up young women and bends pokers even though Holmes bent it straight back to normal. When he talks he seems to talk in a deep voice which is probably put on as a cover up or to add to his attitude of violence because you don’t see many bulky men with a high pitched voice.

Mollie isn’t that easy to point out as a villain because she acts like everybody else. The only crime that Morse could have arrested her for at the beginning of the story was not being interested in him! The reason it is a lot easier to tell who the villain is between these two stories is because in The Speckled Band they say ‘dark shadow of a man’ but Millie seems to blend in easily because there are loads of 30 year old beautiful women. I think the character of Dr Roylott is very believable because if you spend a certain amount of time in jail then something would go wrong in your head.

The other villain Millie is even more believable because it isn’t that easy to tell who the villain is. Millie ties in with the surroundings more easily than most people because a woman with a pen and note pad could have been a bus spotter or even somebody writing a list of what they bought or are going to buy. I didn’t really have any sympathy for Dr Roylott because in those days it probably would have been execution for murder and Sherlock Holmes didn’t seem to bother either. The other story Neighbourhood Watch was slightly different.

It was difficult to tell who the villain was till the last bit of the story and even then I had to think who it was. Most upper class people in those days had servants with big houses. The servant would do everything for their bosses and have to do their own house work and keep their own homes. Where as the upper class people did very little. Not even Dr Roylott did much for himself as he had a servant. In them days servants would have done everything and anything for virtually nothing. The lifestyles which we have are a lot different from back then.

We have to do everything except for important people like the Queen and members of the Royal family. The closest we have to a servant in our homes is a cleaner and they don’t exactly do everything for us. Sherlock Holmes didn’t like the police. He sometimes believed that he was higher than the police because they were new into Britain and Holmes didn’t really trust them. Sherlock Holmes didn’t like to be ruled by other people because he didn’t bother when bigger and stronger people came to him and threatened him. Maybe that is why he didn’t fear the police.

Holmes didn’t even bother to take advice from the police and was quite ignorant when it came to the police. Present day police are a lot better and don’t have to bother with people trying to solve cases for themselves. Today there are a lot of arrangements made. Nowadays lots of questions are asked before they do very much unless you tell them that you did it then he did it. That’s why Morse wouldn’t act like Holmes because Holmes would have ignored everything that the people told him if he thought they were wrong. Morse would have to find out who was lying and why before any information was important.

Today it is a lot easier to find out who did it because we have forensic help from the police who find out using DNA and finger prints and so on. Morse could not have done what Holmes did because Morse would have been caught and prosecuted with something. One difference between these stories is they are in different time periods The Speckled Band was set in the 19th century and Neighbourhood Watch was set in modern day. Transport was a lot different then and nobody would have known about a car because they had dogcarts with horses pulling them.

They didn’t just have dogcarts they also had train and a bus type that was like a big box with about room for at least five to six people. One type of transport just never seems to want to leave and that is walking. In those days they would have had to walk virtually everywhere if they couldn’t afford a dogcart. Also the clothes that they wore then are a lot different. They wore suits and top hats. The women wore big long dress as that would keep them warm because they were head to toe and had a few layers in them.

One thing that wasn’t to good for women in the 19th century and during The Speckled Band was that all the good jobs were done by men. Dr Roylott was a doctor and so was Watson but the women were servants, maids doing the simplest of jobs. One thing I bet Holmes didn’t have to do was to write anything down for a type of file system. The modern day story Neighbourhood Watch has lots of clues when it was set because of words like ‘self hire van’, ‘mini metro’ and things like that woman in the pub by herself. In The Speckled Band that wasn’t allowed.

Women weren’t allowed to do very much without their husband or father. The transport has changed a lot since the dogcarts were used though we still have dog carts but they are kept by horse owners. Most of the people today have cars, like in the TV series of Inspector Morse he has a Jaguar. It doesn’t stop there. We even now have planes they might not work all the time but we do have planes. Since Morse’s job is an inspector he has to do everything by the book otherwise its wrong and he could lose his job. Instead of writing all these cases up Morse and Sergeant Lewis have to type them up using a computer.

Using a computer is a lot easier to keep than paper when you’ve done loads of cases. Disks are easier to store. At home we have lots of things that they never had in The Speckled Band like TV, Video and CD players. These would have been mysteries to the people then. One thing that has changed is the way women are treated. They can now do what they want when they want as long as it isn’t against the law. This would have changed the event in The Speckled Band because Dr Roylott wouldn’t have had control of Miss Stoners money.

To come to the point, I think that The Speckled Band is the better story of the two because it had the most suspense by using the weather and darkness. I didn’t think that any of the stories were original but I think The Speckled Band was the one with the most gripping line. The part I didn’t like was when they were sitting in the dark room supposed as Morse sitting in a van waiting for anything. I don’t think that a crime like The Speckled Band could take place nowadays because forensic help would easily tell that the first sister was poisoned and that would have started a big case.

If you look at the difference in language between the 19th century and 20th century then there is going to be a whole new language by 30th century because words go out of fashion when nobody uses them. Lots of new words are also being made all the time. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Conan Doyle section. Download this essay Print Save Not the one? Search for y

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