In 1865, after the Civil War ended, America needed a plan to get back up to where it once were. Which is when Reconstruction era began. It refers to the period following the war of rebuilding the United States. Many successes emerged from 1865-1876, The thirteenth amendment ended slavery. The fourteenth gave a person born in the United States the rights of citizenship. But with this, the country is now left with a population amongst near four million slaves, who were now free men after the war, most having no idea how to make a living on their own. Political leaders were called up to have their say on what should be done. Abraham Lincoln being president, had the first word. His blueprint for Reconstruction included the ten-percent plan, which offered a tolerable way for Southern States to rejoin the Union. Lincoln unfortunately was assassinated before the plan was put into action. The two Radical Republicans, Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner, and the newly admitted president Andrew Johnson were next on the list. Each of them having their own plans of Reconstruction, but generally the overall goal was to help give the slaves an opportunity for their newly gained citizenship rights. It was their job to find a way to make these men and women feel they have a place in this changing country. Andrew Johnson had other plans however, being more focused on trying to initiate putting the blame on the South for problems occuring after the war. Because of differences with their policies, this arisen problems amongst the three.The Radical Republicans wanted to impeach Johnson so that they instead could have full control on the course of Reconstruction and pass the laws that focused more on their support to give the slaves all equality and citizenship. Their plans were actually considerably made through, with President Johnson being taken out of office after committing the mistake of firing the secretary of war, Edwin M. Stanton, a violation of the Tenure of Office Act. These disputes sidetracked the Union from real progress and did not help to bring the South back nor accomplishing any of their goals.

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