In spite of huge collection of
information it is of useless until it reaches to its stakeholders. We can see
that every year farmers are committing to suicide due to non repayment of loan.
As per farmers report 2014 every year 10000 to 18000 farmers committed to
suicide. There are number of reasons for the suicide but the major reason is
due to getting substantially unfair price to their agriculture products.
Agriculture product rates are purely depending on the demand and supply. There
is imbalance of total requirement of products and its availability (demand and
supply).  It happens because the farmers
are not getting the up-to-date information while selecting the crop such as:

Total requirement of the
particular agricultural product

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Total  land required to fulfill the requirement,

Previous  stock is available,

Total  land already planted/sown  for the respective crop,

Available scope for the particular


If the selection of crop by the farmers
is based on above information then probability of getting appropriate price for
their crop will be high.

There are many parameters for the
better yield of particular agricultural product, such as type of land, use of
fertilizers’, way of farming, rain fall, and whether condition etc.  These parameters are uncontrollable.  But decision of which crop can be grown is
purely in the hands of farmer. This decision can be taken correctly if
up-to-date information is available.

B. Dss For Decision Making:

agriculture decision making in India is not data driven, but usually based on
expert judgment. The data under consideration, such as production of each crop,
requirement of particular crop in the market, price, and present stock
recordings contains huge analytical potential in two major respects. Firstly,
short term decision making and day to day tactical handling of issues related
to pest management and secondly, long-term decision making, strategic planning
like selecting the crop and policy making where one needs to observe the
complete history of events, and related facts such present demand and potential
supply of agricultural crop.

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