“Inception,” a film
directed, written, and produced by Christopher Nolan was praised as one of the
best science fiction and fantasy movies to be released in the year 2010. It’s a
mind bending blockbuster hit that takes place in a setting constructed by a
multilayered journey through the human mind which defies time and reality itself.
The film is full of psyche infiltration, disruption and manipulation making it
very grand and complex, but also contains a musical masterpiece composed by Hans
Zimmer that leaves the audience in awe. The audience cant help but watch the film
numerous times due to its complex and thought provoking nature; to further get
a better understanding of the story but also enjoy its spectacular and
brilliant artwork.

            The technology developed in that timelines future allows
many groups of people to share the same dream. Even though the structure of the
dream is controlled by only one person known in the movie as the architect, the
dream is populated by the other individuals manifestations of their subconscious.
Dom Cobb portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio is a mercenary thief specialized in
extracting ideas from peoples minds through the use of dreams and that
technology. His experiences with dream sharing make him a valuable asset for the
main antagonist in the film. Saito, a multibillion businessman played by Ken
Watanabe is looking to take down an energy empire who then hires Dom Cobb to perform
a job of a lifetime offering him his life back, leaving all the tragic memories
and dark past behind. However, the job calls for implanting an idea into the
mind of incoming owner (Cillian Murphy) of this massive energy company instead
of stealing it. Not only that, but the idea has to appear as an inspiration of
some sort and not just a mere proposal. Implanting an idea rather than stealing
it is a difficult task requiring extensive planning and help from others such
as an architect (Ellen Page) to help set up the dream world, a chemist (Dileep
Rao) to create the sedative substance, a forger (Tom Hardy) to construct the
idea and a fellow extractor (Joseph Gordon Levitt) to help manipulate the
target and succeed in the plan. Unfortunately, they end up facing many
obstacles that are mostly due to Cobbs dark past and his subconscious dealing
with the loss of his wife (Marion Cotillard), alongside the targets realization
of events which leaves the team divided and fighting to execute their mission.
The end result is an epic and captivating story that leaves the viewer on the edge
of their seat not knowing the difference between illusion and reality.

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            There’s no reason for “Inception” to not be breath
taking! It’s said that the director Christopher Nolan spent 10 years writing
the script and making it flawless before actually putting it through
production. Not only was the script magnificent, but the CGI effects put into
it was mesmerizing. The story of Inception is a very complicated and creative masterpiece
that takes us through a journey of unparalleled and unknown worlds to allow us
to question what is going on. Everything in the movie gave the story meaning; such
as all the destruction and chaos we saw in the opening of the movie when the dream
world was falling apart giving the audience a demonstration of what happens
when the dreamer is waking up. This grand spectacle accompanied with Hans
Zimmers score surely made it undeniably easy to get sucked in the film; plus
the outstanding performance of the cast was heart felt, for instance, DiCaprio perfectly
portraying a heart broken mercenary trying to find his way back home to his
kids all while trying to fight his tragic memories of his wife. All these
effects come together to make the viewer truly captivated and stunned by the progress
of the film questioning what is going to happen next. Isnt that what the magic
of movie making all about!

mentioned earlier it’s a movie that leaves the audience wanting to view it more
than once due to its brilliant artwork but I believe its also because of its
pure creativity and capability to make us wonder about the possibilities of such
a world. A world where the limit is your own imagination. You wont regret
watching this spellbinding masterpiece, because it proves to be both
understandable and entertaining with reasonable concentration. So pay attention,
its worth it! I personally give this move a 10/10 rating to show further how
stunning this movie is. I’ve probably seen it more than a hundred times by now
and yet every time I watch it as if it was my first. A true masterpiece indeed.

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