India is the
largest and the oldest civilization of the world having heroic history of
higher learning institutions and libraries carrying out the research
activities. Research is a means for the constant development of any discipline
as well as profession. In library and information science Dr S . R Ranganathan
laid down the foundation of the research activities with his contribution to
various facets of LIS enriched the discipline and elevated its status from art
to a discipline in social sciences. 
Since then universities in India including open universities have
introduced M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes in LIS. Now LIS has become a full
fledged discipline like other social science’s discipline and enriching itself
day by day. Research initiatives in Library and Information Science are also
increasing day by day. Since the first doctoral degree in 1957 it grows slowly
and gets acceleration after IT revolution in India during 1990s. Based on
INDCAT, Vidyanidhi, INFLIBNET and University News databases it has been found
1058 doctoral thesis have been submitted in various universities in India
during 1950—2012.

changes in the trends related to LIS research commence during 1980 to 1990
where there was a continuous shift of research related to various areas from
traditional based systems to machine operated systems. In LIS traditional
manual techniques started declining and new ICT enabled techniques started
growing for serving users. LIS in global scenario has reached up to a superior
level and the professionals of LIS have started working towards the practical
aspects of modern libraries. To strengthen the LIS research, it is necessary to
identify the areas of research currently being focused on and also need to know
the emerging areas of research. There are many techniques available to identify
the core research areas in LIS disciplines like citation analysis, Content
analysis and co-word analysis.  

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