Women are pieces of property and should be used as pleased. After watching the three films in class, this seems to be the underlying point and main concept for the two Indian films and has representation somewhat in the western movie, but a more in depth analysis of the pictures show many more ideas and concepts, and in fact woman as property may not be the main idea at all.
A more in depth analysis would seem to place gender roles and power, the most important issue in the films, and because of this, social control, and love and marriage are very important co ideas, that must be analyzed and talked about as well.
Gender roles and power would seem to go hand in hand, but in the films there was a conflict between the two. The male as it was portrayed seemed to be the more powerful of the two genders. Woman in all movies were treated as property, there was instances of rape, violence, and disrespect in all three movies. In the Bandit Queen, Phoolan Devi was raped, beaten, and disowned by her own father. Kama Sutra had men controlling the two lives of Maya and Tara, and even in The Deceivers, Pierce Bronsen physically harms a woman and almost kills her. So it would seem that the male has the more power oriented role, but further examination of the movies show that woman are the ones who actually poses the power.
For example in Bandit Queen even though Phoolan Devi went though several trials and tribulations, from being raped and beaten, to sever verbal abuse from her father. She rises above these hardships by doing to men, what they had done to her, violation of her body, spirit, and mind. She becomes a notorious gang leader that extracts revenge from every man that did her wrong. To her husband that raped her when she was a child, to the man that killed her lover and best friend, She becomes so powerful that the Indian government is actually afraid to kill her, and offers her incentives to turn herself in. She complies only

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