What are indigenous people, well there in universally accepted definition for indigenous people? There were certain characteristics that are common for indigenous people. Indigenous people tend to live in small populations. They have had their own land for quite some time. There cultural traditions are very strong. They have their own language. Indigenous people live in every part of the world. They can live in cold climates like the Arctic are they can live in the hot Amazon.
There are approximately 370 million indigenous people in the world, belonging to 5,000 different groups, in 90 countries worldwide. Each indigenous culture has its own history so it makes it very unique. There many groups around the world I choose to write on the Ainu. Ainu means human The Ainu prayed and performed ceremonies to their gods. They had plant god's animal gods such as bears foxes and many more.
The Ainu believed everyday life had examples of their gods including things like the sun the moon and the thunder. Prayers are offered on every occasion. There are plenty of gods in the Ainu cultural they have a god of fire, they have a mountain god the list goes on. Unlike most cultural the Ainu gods are not like we the gods that we know. If a god commits an error the Ainu are allowed to argue with them. There is mutual assistance between the gods and the Ainu. There are good and bad gods in this cultural which is similar to most cultural. The Ainu offers lavish gifts to the gods to please them. They would offer wines, salmon these are supposed to delight the gods and bring good fortune to the Ainu. There is also evil gods who bring diseases and mishaps.
There are many ceremonies in this cultural throughout the year. There are ceremonies to send back spirits, ceremonies for ancestors. There is also a ceremony to launch thefirst fishing event of the year. The most frequent ceremonies of these are the ones that send spirits back. These spirits …

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