Initially, we are unaware of the Business
Simulation game and the team development, thus the team faced difficulties in
assigning the roles and only member “A” is having the previous experience which
is similar to the Business Game as he did it during his Bachelor degree.

Consequently, he is assigned as the team leader and explained team members how
to do the Business game. Further, as a team leader member, “A” showed the
leadership qualities such as effective communication, motivation, delegating,
positivity, creativity, commitment, flexibility, and responsibility. Moreover,
besides team leader member, “A” is also an Implementer according to the Belbin
roles and is more practical, reliable and converting ideas into actions in the
Business game which helped our team in finding the vision, mission, and
objectives of the UMS automobile company. Further, member “B” as an team worker
and completer finisher according to the Belbin roles played he is Co-operative,
diplomatic, perceptive and listens to the team members to identify the work
required to be done during all the rounds and also he is keen towards the
accuracy of the work so, he is to double check every activity. Meanwhile, “c”
was a specialist according to the Belbin and helped the team by editing,
proofreading and also taking the right decisions in HR, Finance and Operational
and Marketing during the rounds. Further, member “D” as a Monitor Evaluator by
logically watching, judging and high financial skills helped the team to
achieve the targets. Additionally, the team moved rapidly from the performing
stage of team development due to the reliability, flexibility, and
understanding of the team members.

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   Moving on, bringing back ideas into action
and enthusiastic, I played the role of Resource Investigator while the
situation gets conflicts in taking the decisions (Belbin, 1993). Moreover, as
an Implementer organized work that needs to be done during the decisions.

Subsequently, I was reluctant in doing the financial reports as I am weak in
calculations. Conversely, in MCI questionnaire I scored high in the personal
learning and development which is a major strength of me where I can understand
the financial position of the organization, thus I focused to improve my
financial part by reading different materials and by clarifying doubts with the
team members and tutor. However, I also did a role of specialist by editing,
referencing and rectifying corrections while doing the Assignment A since I am
having the good writing skills. Moreover, when the game is progressed there are
changes in strategies due to the conditions, therefore I studied all factors
and supported team members in making the decisions. Therefore, I was incomplete
in inspiring the team members with the leadership and managing skills which
reflects the Emotional questionnaire and other styles of learning questionnaire
where I scored least in the leadership and manager skills.


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