Innovation in renewable energy isn’t about tech anymore, it’s about frameworks & regulations too. The renewable energy generation technologies are already vanguard, together with economies of scale, will continue to abridge their costs and attract investment. The next step for me as a research analyst is to focus on a pro-active planning to public model frameworks on integrating Decentralized Energy & Storage System, Power Market models, EV Utility and their mechanisms for ancillary services is needed.

My own sphere of special interest in this field began in the sophomore undergraduate year while reading a report on EV Charging Station from “Navigant Research”. Since then, the passion made me see the sparks a Power Economics could do while saving me from hours of repetitive, boring works. While at the time I had no idea about the impact of assessments, having read much about frameworks, I realized the market approach could potentially address problems of traditional operations. The days of my undergraduate help me to get firm grasps over the underlying principles of the subjects and equipped with necessary prerequisites for a formal graduate course. Beyond my inclination towards the field, the synchronization with analytical, drawback analyzing bend of mind, bolstered to put forth my workable solution.

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I carried out an analysis where I could frame a Renewable Energy integration in EV charging station which analyzed different modes of economic operations and presented it in the expo in my college. I did my final year project on Power Electronic transformer with integrated split battery storage using single-port platform which enhances the charging speed of the stationary battery. This project can be further amplified by adding additional port with universal control techniques. The more tangible benefits have been a deeper insight of EV charging, conversion techniques, charging stability with different battery compatibility, Port balancing structure. This project took me to the top of the class, where it was much appreciated by the reviewers from industries because it facilitates the functionalities that can be found in an EV charger.

I worked hard enough to become one of the few EESAT club members in my college. This opened the gateway to keep myself with industrial training and seminars. I got the chance of doing training in BHEL, ICF and was selected among top priorities of aspirants because of my various participation. Apart, I had a chance to attend five industrial visits, for gathering live operational procedures. It includes, thermal and gas powered generating station, it provided me insights of engineers into the technical progress of Economic power dispatch. I also became a member of a crew, specifically asked to assist junior fellows to influence solutions for technical glitches and exploration have in various fields of Electrical for their future.

Opportunities that I never thought of gained momentum when I came to know about the Conference that was to be conducted by VEMURI Trust, specifically for EV concentrators. After many struggle, I secured an invite for myself and my friends and fulfilled our desire to participate in such an event. We worked arduously for, presenting different comparative structures and got to know about the many leading technologies providers were presented in the event. As the event ended, many technicians came around to inquire the process carried out and appreciated us. I came back with an experience after being part of such a prestigious conglomeration.

In the process of developing all the facets of my personality, I honestly cannot identify with the prioritization skills of my younger years. But soon I garnered the skill of judicious allocation of time. I do not feel that the marks I scored are the sole indicators of my understanding of the subject. A cogent reason to augment my belief is the final year of my studies, where with strong focus, I excelled in my graduation. Considering my insights, I was offered a job. Being an employee in a business environment since graduation, all of my studies have been exercised in research unfriendly environments. Nevertheless, I’ve always with an eye to keeping myself abreast of the updated frameworks by going through journals, practicing the problem of existing works and pre-analysis report for future works.

“Prospective Experiments to enhance sustainable future”. In Storage System, I have a plan to develop a strategy for profit maximization and disruptive effects of energy storage on grid management, which prevents the effects on operators. Likewise, a framework to take decision for surplus battery power in the disruptive effects of adding energy storage to low voltage network. For temporary demand, the analysis of shifting power usage patterns could simply displace peak demand and cheaper to pay. For EV Utility, the EV charging in variable electricity costs and battery degradation is curtailed by estimating energy capacity, SOC, and daily depth of discharge; From which EV charge profiles are differentiated. Economic studies on grid-tied customer-owned solar power generation and optimized dispatch in Microgrids.

I first felt the thrill of seeing the research works of “Dr. Reza Arghandeh” in the synthesis of Renewable Energy Resource Integration and Electric Power Analytics. In addition to his works, the research with the Economic optimal operations has multiple applications from Storage system with energy from renewables to the grid to serve a time-varying load. This potential research stream, combined with an elite establishment of professor make for the ECE a prime destination and specialized curriculum that provides courses related to Power which cater to my domain of interest.

The experimenting environment in ECE will envisage developing in my own style of stochastic optimization process and failure do not translate into millions of dollars lost. Heartedly, the aura I gained from FSU starting from the “Seminole” Clubs have energizing more to my academic pursuits.

In energy transition, the recent political earthquakes that have cracked the foundations of the global climate crusade provide glaring signs of trouble. And it concerns me, as we already stand here in the rubble of carbonized energy, is that too many governments and organizations are making their decisions, based on assumptions that are rooted more in folklore. On my career plan, I envision to serve in Government Organization as the analyst and be a panelist in energy forums. So with this in mind, I wish to learn and make contributions in M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering on “Power” (Thesis) and further intended me to follow this up with the Ph.D. At ECE, FSU, I’ll passionately play my position, no matter how bad things get. I’m significant. Ultimately, I’m here standing up here for my Part of Life and aspire to fill the differences in Power concentration and finding some ecstatic moments.


“Life is getting greater with flexible, integrated, digitalized, decentralized, decarbonized grids”.



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