"In addition to the children in the United States who need families, there are countless thousands of homeless children in countries scattered around the globe" (Klibanoff 166).Consequently, private adoption agencies are expanding their adoption services by entering into the international arena.I will analyze why Russia is a lucrative market for expanding adoption services globally and identify the determinant factors adoption agencies will endure while conducting business globally.In doing so, I will conduct a country profile and examine how Russia's political, economic, cultural, social, legal, medical, and geography systems affect international adoption agencies.Lastly, I will discuss how U.S. adoption agencies build alliances with the Russian Government to process international adoptions and examine marketing strategies that are used to implement an international adoption program.
Adoptive Families explains the history of adoption.It states:
The modern era of international adoption began after the Korean War, when Korean and Amerasian orphans were placed with families living in the United States.Since then, Americans have adopted many thousands of children from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.In 2001 alone, U.S. families adopted over 19,000 children from other countries. (41)
Each year more American families include a child adopted from another part of the world and children adopted from Russia Federation by American citizens are steadily increasing.
"In Russia the family is the center of life, and children are the center of the family" (Schomp 33).Unfortunately, most city families can only afford to have one child.Although, there is a collective responsibility for Russian children, which is exhibited through over protectiveness, Russian children are often abandoned by parents unable to care for them.Due to the downward economy in Russia, many families cannot par…

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