into the country.
This would only add to the already heated racial tensions that were ongoing in
the United States. As a result, the U.S. passed the Platt Amendment, which
allowed it to refrain from annexing Cuba into the union while still increasing
control over Cuban affairs; the amendment was also used to help later
presidents develop treaties in the Panama Canal region. The United States also
passed the Foraker Act that helped to do much of the same in Puerto Rico. As a
result of the Spanish-American War, the United States developed into an
economic powerhouse. Through gaining territories from the war, the United
States presence began to enter into the global atmosphere. World War I had
something of a different beginning for the United States. Unlike the
Spanish-American War, the initial causes had very little, if anything, to do
with the United States. There were three main causes that initiated the
upheaval of World War I. The first and most heated was the escalating tensions
amongst ethnic groups in the Austria-Hungary and Balkan nations. The groups
were in constant competition for influence over the region and when the
assassination of the archduke of Austria occurred, the Austro-Hungarian
government blamed the Serbian government and declared war. As a result, other
nations were directly brought into the war through agreements and treaties.
Other reasons for World War I included the French and German dispute regarding
Alsace-Lorraine, and naval expansion disputes between Britain and Germany.
Initially there was little concern that whatever happened in Europe would
affect the United States. If European countries wanted to harm themselves, it
might even make the U.S. more dominant in its global presence; the United
States declared neutrality. However, America certainly began to feel the
economic affects that the war was having on Europe. With the onset of a World
War, European countries were forced to spend incredible amounts of money on
arms and munitions, iron, steel, and foodstuffs, let alone their astronomical
military expenditures. As a direct result, the United States received a
considerable portion of European money. In a perfect world the United States
would have been able to trade with all nations 

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