Intro paragraphHello my name is alyssa fowler for my research portfolio and essay i took roll on doing the blue parrot  fish this fish is a beautiful blue fish native to a normal parrot fish except these fish are especially rare and can only be found around the caribbean and mediterranean waters and are very large the get up to 1-5 feet long and 2 feet wide.Body paragraph #1The blue parrot fish’s body is made of a deep blue that is so pretty it’s like your looking into lapis lazuli except not like a stone the blue in this parrot fish actually comes from the algae on the bottom of the seafloor this fish isn’t actually born blue after it eats all algae for food it turns blue in my opinion that is really cool because not only are blue they are very very hard to find they are usually found around in florida and the caribbean sea these fish are pretty much like normal fish they sleep in the ocean and eat algae for food the only thing different about the fish is that it very strange color in other words this fish is really cool for its color. Body paragraph #2 The blue parrot fish’s habitat is usually around bahamas and florida area they live/sleep on the bottom of the sea floor scooping up and eating algae at first i thought that eating algae was weird because fish usually eat smaller fish than their size. Where these special parrot fish live the fish don’t use their fin it’s only for boost speed these fish also use their beaks to scrape algae and polyps from coral rock.these are often deficient what looks like white clouds which consist mainly of coral limestone.most common till depth of 25m this species is the only parrot fish in the caribbean under suspicion being the carrier of the poison that causes ciguatera, an illness caused by eating poisonous fishBody paragraph #3 Parrotfishes show varying degrees of habitat preference and utilization of coral reef habitats, with some species spending the majority of their life stages on the coral reefs, while others primarily utilize seagrass beds, mangroves, aldae beds, and/or rocky reefs. Although the majority of the parrotfishes occur in mixed habitats. These strange and very odd fish  are actually called scarus coeruleus they just say blue parrot fish for a short name. Conclusion In conclusion these fish are very blue and colorful and live in tropical waters around the caribbean. And they eat algae on the bottom of the sea floor and get to 4-5 feet long  and 2 feet wide

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