Why did the nazis acheive electoral succes.
The rise of Hitler and his Nazi party in the after war years leading to the chancellorship being granted to hitler with the partybeing the single biggest in the reichstag did not occur simply by chance.Many factors contributed to the party’s electoral success some caused by hitler and the nazi party itself and some by other outstanding factors.Whatever the reasons for this huge increase in popularity it was one of the most important events in recent german and european history and would eventually be the cause of millions of lost lives across the world.
It is important to relise that although the Nazi party was in existance since1918, it was not until a war veteran named Adolf Hitler joined the party that it became what you could call significant.Hitler spent his early years in Austria the son of Alois Hitler and Klara Polzi.Adolf was the third son of an offsping of five children the couple were to have.Hitler had a strict upbringing and did not keep coimpany with many friends, he left school having failed all of his examinations and when urged by his father to join the civil service he refused stating that he did not wish to work in “a government cage”.With the death of his father Hitler decided to move to Linz and lived on an allowance provided by his mother.It would seem that around this time he began to form the basis of the beliefs that he would in future years act upon.Firstly from the musician Richard Wagner who like Hitler failed at school and had an abnormal hatred of jews.He was also captivated by the writings of a Lanz von Leibenfels who spoke of the supremecy of the Ayran race and had a profound anti semetic view, another anti-semetic beleiver whom he became interested in the works of was Georg von Schonerer who spoke of a time when the german people would actually be at a minority in their own country and even went as far as to say that bounties were to

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