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Eutrophication or more
precisely hypertrophication, is a water body enriched with
nutrients,with an excess amount of it.Certain nutrients are needed for survival of the
living thing.Primarily,nature is efficient enough to provide right amount of
nutrients,not less nor too much. This is absolutely true in aquatic ecosystems
because they are so dynamic.Water will be oligotrophic if there is too much
Consequently,serious problems will occur if there is no nutrients in the
aquatic environment of the organisms.However,
problems can also occur when there is too much nutrients too. When this occur
we get eutrophication. A eutrophic stream, river or lake occurs when too many nutrients,such
as nitrogen and phosphorous, are present, usually as a result of overflow of
the land. Algae, plankton and other microorganisms attracted to these types of
nutrients, and when they are too much these aquatic organisms can take over.
When eutrophication occurs in a lake, river or other aquatic system,it gives a
negative impact on the organisms itself including humans,birds and fishes.


Clearing of trees or removal
of trees from the forest to make it into non-forest is called deforestation and
it is also used for urban development.Conversion of forestland to farms, ranches, or urban use are also examples
of deforestation.Tropical rainforests are the most common
deforestation area.One of the largest and severe issue in global land is none
other than deforestation. Croplands and grazing lands are estimated area
regarding deforestation which includes cutting down trees for wood products and
so on due to urban usage.Due to this,whole forest is no more and wiped out due
to no more trees left in the forest. In some cases,forest structure would be
altered if illegal logging and so called accidental fire occurs.The practice
of slash-and-burn agriculture is
the major contributor for deforestation.Small-scale farmers clear land produces
for only a few years and then must forests by burning them and then grow crops
in the soils fertilized by the
ashes.In Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, tropical Africa, and the Americas
for permanent oil palm plantations practice
open fire burning to clear out the forests.



c) Global Warming

observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system and
its related effects called Global warming commonly known as climate change,The increase of average world temperatures as a result of
what is known as the greenhouse effect is global warming too. In
greenhouse,certain gases in the atmosphere acts like glass, sunlight is allowed
to heat the earth’s surface but it radiates back to the space if we trap the
heat. The Earth gets hotter when the greenhouse gases build up in the
atmosphere.Consequently,this phenomena is called climate change.Since
the mid-20th century the Scientist have gathered detailed observations of
various weather phenomena
(such as temperatures, precipitation,
and storms) and of related influences on climate (such
as ocean
currents and the atmosphere’s chemical composition).
Earth’s climate indicated that it has changed
over almost every conceivable timescale since the beginning of time and that
the influence of human activities
since at least the beginning of the Industrial
Revolution has been deeply contributed to the climate

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