Development of Internet
and social media has led to significant changes in marketing.During
different time era’s different methods of communications has developed and
changed the day by day life. Social media has become the method of statement in
the 21’t century, enabling us to express our belief, ideas and manner in an
absolute new way. This way of message have also have a huge impact on
corporation, where they have realize that without a correct plan and social
media strategy they have no chance to stand out in the rapidly changing digital
freedom. To guarantee a successful attendance on social media the companies
need to take different marketing theories into consideration so that they can
boost their brand in different aspect. If this can be collective with original
ways of consumer interaction the companies have a good chance to take the lead
in social media marketing’. The meteoric growth of community websites, such as
Twitter, Facebook etc. have entered the world into a new era of social media.
The global reach is nothing short of marvelous, so much so that if Facebook
were a country, it would be third largest, next to China and India. Some even
say that this is the biggest shift since the industrial revolution, which means
that the world has a brand new playing meadow At its center, social media is
any kind of online media that stimulates participation, conversation,
Connecters and sense of community. The social media phenomenon has a profound
impact. Social media has transformed research methods. This allows brands to
communicate better with their consumers, and intensify their association with
them. The advertising world has not been spared from social media influence.
Companies are now more careful with advertising; chiefly in anticipate consumer
response and avoiding unanticipated blunders to prevent a viral consumer
backlash in networking sites.  Social
media plays a hybrid role in the promotion of marketing. Social networks are
increasingly taking up a greater share of consumers’ time spent online. As a
result, social media ? which includes advertising on social networks and/or
marketing communication with social characteristics ? is becoming a larger
component of ?rms’ marketing budgets.

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There has been much recent
activity in the consumer behavior/psychology literature related to digital and
social media marketing, and many important contributions to knowledge have been
made. To move this literature forward, particularly given the fast-moving
nature of digital settings, research that attempts to broaden our
understandings of key phenomena, examines brand-new phenomena, and develops
theories in an area that lacks an established theoretical base will be most

The new media win the
trust of consumers by connecting with them at a deeper level. Social media
marketing is the new mantra for several brands since early last year. Marketers
are taking note of many different social media opportunities and beginning to
implement new social initiatives at a higher rate than ever before. Social
media marketing and the businesses that utilize it have become more
sophisticated. Global companies have recognized social media marketing as a
potential marketing platform, used them with innovations to power their
advertising campaign with social media marketing. The present study has shed
light on the concept of social media, social media marketing, and other
aspects, e.g., growth and benefits, role and application of social media in
marketing, and social media marketing strategies. The article describes the
social media and explains that social media is easier and convenient source of
marketing. The present article discussed the concepts of social media, social
media marketing, and other aspects; such as growth and benefits, role and
relevance of social media in marketing, social media marketing strategies.

Until the late 1990’s
the only form of media known to businesses were television, newspapers and
radio, however in the early 2000s, a revolution in media was witnessed and the
world was introduced to Social Media. Social Media is a just like any other form
of media is a tool used for communication but at the larger scale for social
interaction using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques.
Social media has a positive impact and a positive influence on the company as
well as the customers. Social media is becoming an essential tool for
marketers, which is at a very minimum investment. In todays’ scenario consumers
judge a company based on their online presence, hence companies can innovate
and simultaneously create a strong social presence by always catering to their
customers’ needs and concerns.

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