The processing of meat has become a
very important part of the economy of the Philippines.  This has contributed billions to the GDP or
Gross Domestic Product annually.  It has
also provided direct and indirect jobs and supports parallel or allied
businesses such as packaging, canning, advertising, printing, media and retail
trade, among others.  The FAO or the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
states that meat processing is the manufacture of products from the muscle
meat, animal fat and certain non-meat additives. Sometimes certain additives are
used to enhance product flavor and appearance. They can also be used to
increase product volume. For specific meat preparations, animal by-products
such as internal organs, skin or blood, are also well suited for meat
processing. Meat processing can create different types of product composition
that maximizes the use of edible livestock parts and are tasty, attractive and
nourishing.  There are six
types in the meat processing industry here in the Philippine.  These are fresh processed meat products,
cured meat pieces, raw-cooked products, pre-cooked products, raw (dry) –
fermented sausages, and dried meat.

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to the report by Zion Market Research which
published a report titled “Processed Meat Market (Cured Processed, Uncured Processed and
Others) by Meat Type (Poultry, Pork, Mutton, Beef and Other); by Types (Chilled
Processed Meat, Frozen Processed Meat, Canned/Preserved Meat and Meat Products
and Frozen Processed Red Meat): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive
Analysis and Forecast, 2016 – 2022” the global processed
meat market is valued at around USD 714.00 billion in 2016 and is
expected to rise and reach approximately USD 1,567.00 billion by 2022, growing
at a compound annual
growth rate of 14.0% between 2017 and 2022.  

            Today there are 175 meat processing
plants in the Philippines and majority of these are found in the Region IV-A,
Region III, and especially the National Capital Region. 

The meat
processing sector of the Philippines is prepared for the expected increase in
Asean trade this year reported by The Philippine Association of Meat Processors
Inc. (Pampi) told the Business Mirror. 
They believe that the Philippines has the technology and capacity be
competitive in the global market.  The
government is assisting the stakeholders in the industry through its government
agencies like the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Department of Trade
and Industry (DTI).  These agencies will
assist the stakeholders in its efforts to market their products
internationally.  The Department of
Agriculture has data that showed an outward shipment of processed meat from the
period of January to September 2015 had nearly doubled to 4,370.28 metric tons
(MT) from 2,254.59 MT recorded in the same period last year.  Most of the shipments were hot dogs, which accounted
for 2,229.22 metric tons of the total processed-meat exports during the period.
This was followed by corned beef with 261.40 metric tons share in the total
shipments. There were also exports of an assortment of processed products, like
bacon, longganisa, ham, tocino, luncheon meat, sausage and meat loaf which
amounted to 1,879.65 metric tons.

            The meat industry in Bacolod, Negros
Occidental is on the rise as stated by Metro Bacolod Chamber of Commerce (MBCCI) chief executive officer Frank
Carbon said that there is a proposal of a Public-Private Partnerships within
the province to improve the meat and milk production of local cattle and
buffalos, using technology and research support from the Northern Territory of

Sant Jordi Meat Corner is a charcuterie and
specialty butcher.  They sell a wide
array of specialty meats and processed meats to customers including medium and
high-income residents of Bacolod City, as well as high-income residents of
neighboring towns.  Sant Jordi Meat
Corner is established and owned by Claude Schulze.  The store is
managed and directed by Claude Schulze, a veteran foodie and self-taught
butcher with years of experience in cooking and butchering.  Sant Jordi Meat Corner sells premium
quality meats like beef, charcuterie style processed
pork and domestic lamb.  

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