Introduction to digital marketingIn first module of Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar Punjab , we will give you basic on marketing information, differences of traditional marketing vs digital marketing, idea of working of different search engines, etc. If we compare this module of Digiengland with others institutes, you will find out that We have much more detailed introduction of digital marketing training in our first module.
Basic of Online Marketing
Difference of Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
How Search Engine Works
Key points of internet/Digital marketing
All important terms used in internet marketing
Best platforms for promotions such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Reasons why people are moving towards digital marketing?
How Online Marketing Structure Works
Google Algorithm Explained – All Updates

Website Creation and Introduction

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In second Module of Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar Punjab, we will give an complete information on how to create your own website with the help of wordpress. We will help you to learn basic html structure which no one else is going to explain and how the whole web structure of a website works. You will get a complete and full information on How to create Static as well as dynamic website for which your customer is willing to pay. You will learn how to create Business website, health website, corporate website etc. If we compare this module of Digiengland with other institutes, you will find out that we have much more detailed Website Planning in our module.If We compare this module with other one , you will notice that we have much more detailed information on this which make us Best Seo Training Institute in Jalndhar Punjab.
Webpage and website creation/designing
Basics HTML Coding for your knowledge
Details about Tags to be used a website
WordPress Tutorial Along With Plugins
Difference between themes and plugins
Posts and pages difference
Difference in Category and tags
Complete Customization of your website
 Search Engine OptimisationIn This Module of SEO Training Jalandhar Punjab. Search engine optimization: Seo stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a process with which you optimise your website or webpage so that it may get a higher position in the  search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. for any particular keyword without paying anything to anyone. Seo is totally a strategic based work and here we will provide you with all advanced knowledge about Seo. It works on more than 200 factors. Seo is divided into two major parts, one is Onpage Seo and other one is Offpage Seo. Full and detailed information will be given to all students of Digiengland which would make you stand different from others.This is the reason why we are Best SEO Training Institute in Jalandhar Punjab. Topic to be discussed in Seo
What is Seo?
What is Search Engine?
How search engine works?
Objective of Seo
Types of seo
What is Onpage seo?
Domain optimization
Domain Authority
Meta tags Optimization
Content Optimization
Image Optimization
Latent Semantic Indexing or LNT Words
Website Loading
Schema to make your website look different in various searches
Proper Use of Internal Link vs External link
Types of Linking
How to Create a Anchor Tag?
Difference between Inbound and Outbound linking
Ways of Linking
Techniques of Seo
Process of Backlinks
Blog Commenting
Directory Submission
Article Submission
Forum Posting
Guest Posting
PDF Submission
Image Submission
Classified Submission
Video Submission
Social Bookmarking
Reference Submission
Press Release Submission
Effective ways of Backlinks
Types of Link Juices
Difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority
Difference between Domain Rating and URL Rating
Moz tool
Find out top authority content for backlinks
     SEARCH ENGINE MARKETINGThis Module of Digital Marketing Training In Jalandhar Punjab involves SEM.Search engine marketing is a process to get higher visibility and traffic by  creating and bidding on Advertisements by use of Google Adwords. Google Adword helps in making a good quality of Advertisements.This includes Youtube Advertisement Like –Instream Ads or non-skippable Ads. Apart from this you will get a complete information on how to Give advertisements in Google Searches, Display Networks, Universal Mobile Advertisements, Video Advertisements, Shopping Ads. The Google Advertisement Works on Various factors such as the bid you are paying for a click as well as the quality of landing page where the visitor will reach after he clicks the Ad. We here at Digiengland have much more detailed Digital Marketing and SEO Training on search engine marketing in our module, so that you have to spend a less amount of money as compared to other Competitors
What is Google Adwords
What is AdCampaign?
What is Adgroups?
How many types of ads are there on internet?
Keyword Match Types
Broad Match Types
Phrase Match Types
Exact Match Types
Broad Modified Match Types
Ad Extension
Bid Adjustment
How to control fraud click on your ad
Bid Strategy to get higher returns on ad
Advanced target location options

Social Media Optimization

This Module of Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar Punjab, you will get a complete information of Social Media Optimisation. What is Smo? Smo is a process to increase your presence throughout the World with these social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc, and how to spred your business throughout the Coutry.Full knowledge will be given on various tools to increase your presence on social media as well as how to manage these all social media with the help of various tools which are made only for this purpose and how to schedule your posts for future autopost. Here at Digiengland we have much more detailed social media optimization training in our this module.
What is Social Media?
Social Media Uses
Grow on Instagram Within a Month
Social Media Platforms
Benefits of social media
How to target right audience?
Social media tools
How to add large number of friends in single click
How to use Pinterest to get good backlinks?
  SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Sixth Module of Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar Punjab. Social Media Marketing: SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. SMM is a process to promote your website, and your business on facebook pages through facebook as well as on Twitter so that you may get high visibility and customers from various social media platforms. Here at Digiengland we have much more detailed social media marketing in our sixth module which will give you a complete knowledge about Social media marketing.
What is Social Media Marketing?
How many types of ads can we run on facebook?
How to use facebook for lead generation?
Can we use facebook for branding?
How to target right audience?
Ad on Instagram with lesser amount
How to grow your Instagram fast?
How to run ad on Linkedin?
How to run ad on twitter?
How to increase engagement of tweets?
How to get a lot of Facebook Likes
 Email MarketingSeventh Module of Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar Punjab. Email Marketing: It is a process through which you can send a bulk amount of Email to the potential customers with Just a single click. We will teach you how to use and send a lot of Emails with various tools that are free and paid. In this, you will come to know about some of the techniques that will land the Email sent by You directly to the inbox of the customer. Email marketing is a great stuff these days and here at Digiengland you will get a lot of information about various email campaigns.  ·         What is Email Marketing?·         How to use aweber?·         A full Tutorial on Use of Mail Chimp·         Types of email marketing Services
How to collect data for Email Marketing?
How to send bulk email on your own
Every post notifications on Email
Collects leads from Email
How to create newsletter for Email Marketing?
 Content Marketing In This Module of Internet Marketing Course / Training. Content Marketing: Content Marketing is a process to write a good quality of content by yourself and earn a lot of money by writing content from home using various content websites such as iwriter, freelancer, elance, payperpost, etc. Quality of content is very important and here we will teach you to create a high quality of content which will contain Images and Videos.In this course, you will know about how to create effective content for any keyword and business so that you get a lot of traffic for your website. We have much more detailed Content Marketing training here at Digiengland in our module.
What is Content Marketing?
How many types of Content Marketing is there?
What is iwriter?
Generate Leads with the use of Right Quality of Content
Target the Right audience with the right Targated Content
Find right keywords for content marketing
Effective content marketing tips
 Mobile MarketingNinth Module of Internet Marketing Training in Jalandhar Punjab. Mobile Marketing is a process to advertise your application in different mobile devices to get maximum downloads and installs of your applications as well as you will learn to optimize your website completely to adjust according to  mobile phones and making them responsive. In this, you will find out how to use Facebook and Twitter to get better results for your business/blog or website. We will provide you with the detailed process of mobile marketing, which makes us Best SEO Training Institute in Jalandhar Punjab.
What is Mobile Marketing?
How to promote apps through mobile marketing?
Mobile Marketing platforms?
How to increase downloads of mobile apps?
How to target potential customers through right marketing tips?
How to make business from mobile marketing
Effective mobile marketing strategy

 Video Optimization / Creation

This Module of Digital Marketing Training Institute in Jalandhar Punjab. Video Optimization is a process to get your videos ranked on higher positions in youtube search results and various other video sharing.In this module, you will come to know about various video making Softwares which will make you able to create and edit your own videos by yourself. We will teach you to various strategies to increase your youtube video views as well as subscribers.Video optimisation is the module which most of the students love to do, In this module we will give you some secret tips to earn from youtube by optimising and monatising your channel.

Video Optimization Basics
How to create You Own Videos
How to increase your views on the youtube video?
How to earn from your Youtube Channel?
Tricks to rank videos in 24hr on youtube?
Tips/ Tricks to get more subscribers on youtube
How to get more views with low subscribers?

Video Marketing

In this Module of Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar Punjab, You will come to know about Video Marketing. Video Marketing is a process to promote your video through various paid platforms.This can give you thousands of views within a short span of time.In this module we will discuss on Various video promoting methods such as facebook, google, twitter, etc

What is Video Marketing?
How to promote videos on Google Adwords and other platforms?
What is CPV and CPM?
Video Marketing  concepts to get at Top Position
True View Ads vs Stream Ads


Lead Generation Techniques


In this Module of Internet Marketing Training in Jalandhar Punjab. Lead Generation is a technique through which you can make your business reach throughout the world.Various Lead Generation Techniques will help you to start and expand your business leads and sale in a very short period of time with the help of various social networking sites, email marketing, SEO, etc and bring business to you.You will able to start up your own business after the completion of this course.

What is Lead Generation?
Tricks to generate Leads from Google Optimization?
Generation of Leads for business with Facebook?
Generation of Leads for business with twitter?
Generation of Leads for business with Google Adwords?
What is Sales Funnel?
What is Sales Metrics?

Google Webmaster Tool

This module you will learn about Google Webmaster tool which helps you to control your website or webpage in a search engine like your crawling error, 404 pages, indexing, etc.This tool will allow analyzing your website completely and you Wii come to know about all of your errors on your website.As Best Seo and Digital Marketing Training Institute in Jalandhar (Punjab), We will give you a complete information on Google Webmaster.

Use of Google Webmaster
What is Search Appearance on Google Webmaster tool?
What is Data Highlighter?
What are Rich snippets or Rich Schema?
What are HTML Improvements?
What is Accelerated Mobile Pages
What is Search Analytics?
How to use Accelerated Mobile Pages
What is the difference in Crawl Stats or Crawl Error?
Techniques to Index your website pages in Google Results
How to Check Robots.txt?
How to remove or destroy Bad backlinks from your website?



Google Analytics

In this module of Digital Marketing, you will come to know about Google Analytics.Google Analytics is a tool which helps you to analyse everything about your Website, it help in tracking the behaviour of your customers and tell you all about from where the Visitor is visiting your Site, At Which page he is currently at, How Much Time They Spent on Your Website and other information to analyze your Good Traffic Resources. Here at Digiengland Best Seo Training in Jalandhar Punjab, we have much more detailed Google Analytics training in our module.

Use of Google Analytics
How to attach Google Analytics to your website?
How to check visitors in real time by google analytics?
Difference between Session vs Page view
Tips to analyze the behavior of your visitors
How to check user browser of a visitor from which he is searching?
How to check user coming from Organic search, Social search or direct?


Affiliate Marketing

In this Module of Internet Marketing Course in Jalandhar Punjab. Affiliate Marketing is a process through which You can start earning money by using various types of Affiliate Programs, there are various Affiliate Websites which gives a good amount of Comission to Its affiliates for their products and services sold. Here at Digiengland , We have much more detailed Affiliate Marketing training in our module.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Minimum eligibility for Affiliate Marketing
How can we start earning Affiliate Marketing?
How to apply for Commission Junction and V commission?
Find Effective Keywords for More Sales and Leads
What is CPA ?
What is CPL?
Easy steps to earn from Affiliate Marketing
10+ Tips for more traffic and earnings


Google Adsense

In this Module of SEO Training in Jalandhar Punjab. Google Adsense is a free platform by Google to earn a handsome Amount of Comission on Your Blogs.It is used to get advertisements on your Blogs. Google Adsense helps you to edit and display various kinds of advertisements. With the help of Google Adsense, you can start earning from your website as well as Youtube Channel by attatching your Channel with Google Adwords. Here at Digiengland Best Digital Marketing Training is given with much more detailed Google Adsense in this module.

What is Google Adsense?
Difference between the Google Adwords vs Google Analytics
How much minimum traffic do i need to Google Adsense approval?
Selection of Best Sizes for more Clicks on Advertisement
How Google Adsense is different from Affiliate Marketing?
What is CPC?
Easy steps to get Google Adsense

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