IRA, also known as the Irish Republican Army, is a well-know organization with strong nationalist views and has been classified as a terrorist organization. It was primary established in 1919 at some stage in the liberation war against Great Britain. Several years later in 1931 the organization was outlawed. Conversely they continued their work as an underground union to fight for the independence of Northern Ireland. Their focal aim was to unite the northern part with the rest of Ireland prior to the year 1937. Though this aim was by no means accomplished. In 1968 when the calamity got worse IRA reestablished. One year later it was split into two branches, the official and the temporary IRA. The latter is perhaps the most-known one. It's typical catholic and come to blows with both British forces and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Nevertheless the fighting has stretched to London where several bomb attacks have been put into action. IRA and the British authorities have different view of the situation. IRA claims it to be war and that imprisoned IRA members should be viewed as prisoners of war. On the contrary the British authorities contradict this argument and state that the IRA are simple terrorists.
There are hundreds of wholehearted members, who devote their lives to IRA. They're often associated with bombings, kidnappings and robberies. Still there are several thousands of supporters all over the world, mostly in Europe and in the US. IRA's greatest capital resources are funds collected by their supporters.
Then finally, in 1994 IRA declared ceasefire and numerous consultations were held with Great Britain. However the calm didn't last long, that is barely 17 months. Since then Britain has required IRA to disarm. Although when they finally did, in 2001, the protestant military groups refused to do the same. Clearly this spread skepticism amongst people; this makes you wonder if this confrontation will

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