This report will encompass the basic components of the Iranian government as well as an overview on the economy, religion, and the American hostage crisis at the US embassy.
Iran was known as Persia until 1935. On April 1st after a landslide victory in a national referendum in which only one choice was offered (Islamic Republic: Yes or No) Ayatollah Khomeini declared Iran an Islamic republic and made his ideas clear for the future of Iran. Iran's government is a theocracy which is when the governmental rulers are identical to the leaders of the official religion. All the decisions are influenced by the major religion in the region. Government claims to rule on the behalf of their god or a higher power. The current present is Mohammad Khatami. He is the executive chief of Iran and is serving a four year term that ends in 2005. He works along with the Wali Faqih (religious leader), Ayatollah Khomeini. The legislature in Iran is known as the majis. It currently has 290 representatives from 28 different provinces. They all serve 4 year terms. The Majis is a governmental organization in which representatives bring ideas from the people to discuss. The Supreme Court consists of eight members and shares a leader with the judicial council. Every one has the right to vote at the age of 15.
During the Islamic revolution of 1979 the constitution was adopted. Then in 1989 it was revised including changes like the elimination of the Leadership Council, qualifications for the office of the Faqih were diminished while its powers were expanded, andthe ability to order referenda (delegate some duties and responsibilities to others, and decide when to revise the Constitution) to the Faqih.
The religious leaders of Iran are very powerful. They have just as much authority as any political leader and can control how women dress codes even though people hold protests during times when the wali faqih is unfavered.Their system for crime and

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