Title: Reflecting on an Unjust Invasion
Purpose: To show that the American led invasion of Iraq was not a justified military action.
A Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator, responsible for murdering his own people and abusing the democratic system for his own personal gain.Though regime change was ultimately in the best interest of the international community, though Saddam Hussein would have caused great harm to his neighbours and perhaps the US if given the opportunity, the United States was not justified in invading when it did or for the reasons it claimed.
1 The threat was growing, but it was not immenent
2 The fundamental reasons behind the invasion have not been proven valid
3 There were other approaches to the problem besides going to war
A Saddam Husein's Iraq did not pose an imminent threat
1 There is no evidence to suggest that Iraq was responsible for the September 11 attack.
2 The intelligence community announced that the only threat that Saddam Hussein posed was in the event he was attacked.
3 Tom Ridge, secretary of Homeland Security, said that an attack against Iraq would could bring more terrorist attacks against the US
4 The CIA Director has testified that Saddam Hussein is more likely to use chemical or biological weapons if he is attacked
a. Saddam Hussein may, according to former CIA director George Tenet, “exact vengeance by taking a large number of victims with him,” as quoted
b. According to an article in the 9 October, 2002 edition of the St. Petersburg times, accessed on 28 November, 2004, "The Central Intelligence Agency has concluded Iraqi President Saddam Hussein'might decide' to help Islamic terrorists attack the United States with weapons of mass destruction if the U.S. invades his country."
B Stockpiles of WMD are yet to be found
1 According to a BBC News report, found on the BBC News site,

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