Present day Iraq has long been a burial ground for ancient treasures . Archeologists have found Sumerian tablets, Babylonian jewels and Assyrian obelisks. However the question asked by many is if you kept digging would find more ancient artifacts. The answer is not likely, you are however more likely to find something quite different. Perhaps you would find a canister of nerve gas or maybe even the components necessary to construct a nuclear bomb.
The burying of these weapons is only one theory of where Iraq could be hiding them. Another theory is that Iraq is a using a back door escape technique, this technique consists of Iraqi trucks with questionable cargo leaving the back doors of questioned sites while or before the United Nations Weapon inspectors arrive.
Not only can these weapons be buried under the land they have been buried beneath the Tigris river in water proof containers, UN inspectors have found components for long range missiles. This serves a double purpose not only does it hide the weapons from the human eye but it also conceals them from the U2 Spy lanes constantly flying over Iraq.
This summer rumors have come from dissident Iraqi workers that there is a laboratory beneath the Tigris river where eighty-five workers have developed many deadly compounds including a weaponized strain of Ebola.
Iraq has also developed ingenious ways of hiding its weapon production. They use double purpose factories, an example of this would be a phosphate fertilizer factory near the Syrian border. Attached to this building is a extraction facility they remove the uranium from the fertilizer. This factory was bombed during the Gulf War but there are still various more across the country.
As with any issue there are positive an negative traits attached to this issue. One of the more positive things is that the United States and United Nations are not letting Iraq out of its Gulf war surrender agreement. The negative traits of t…

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