On Sunday, President Bush's administration pledged "zero tolerance" if Saddam Hussein
refuses to comply with the international call for him to disarm.A revised UN Security
Council resolution demands Iraq to do away with it's weapons of mass distruction.The
resolution also calls for Saddam Hussein to allow inspectors into Iraq.Saddam is facing
"serious consequences" if he doesn't comply with this resolution.Condoleezza Rica, the
national security adviser, commented that the world doesn't need to waste time playing a
"game of cat and mouse." The resolution states that the Security Council would evaluate
any violation and decide how to deal with them.The US forcefully reserved the right to
invade Iraq with or without UN approval.The White House's Chief Executive Andrews
Card commented on NBC's "Meet the Press" that the "UN can meet and discuss" but the
United States "does not need their permission."Even secretary Colin Powell, whom was
once against an attack on Iraq, stated that the US has the "authority to act with
like-minded nations who might wish to join" with us to attack Iraq.The Bush
administration received support from Arab foreign ministers when they urged Saddam to
accept the terms of the resolution.President Bush has approved a battle plan against Iraq,
which was leaked out of confidentiality.The leak of this appears to be an effort to send
Saddam a message of how serious the United States is on pushing their efforts.
I believe Bush and his administration is pushing this too far.President Bush
doesn't have any common sense.He has already outraged a portion of the World's
leaders.Now Bush wants to put theentire United Nations into an uproar. “Leadership
is a combination of strategy and character. If you must be without one, be without the

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