Folk tales have been around for a very long time.Maybe that is because they both
teach and entertain people at the same time.Most folk tales are interesting for children because
they use animals to portray characters.They get the kids wanting to read them and also the
adults because they have such good life lessons. I like folk tales because they are very
imaginative. So I read them and I also learn a lesson.
I think that My fable that bests combines these goals is The Golden Orange. The
reason for this is that it is pretty imaginative and intersting and yet it still is pretty instructive in
telling that you should not do something that is forbidden.
Once upon a time in a far away land their lived a man named Icorus.He was always a
very courious person and he was always finding new and interesting things.One day he was
walking through the woods when he saw a tree that was growing golden oranges.”Wow! I
could sell these oranges and be rich for the rest of my life.”He walked up to pick an orange
when all of the sudden a ghostly figure appeared right out of thin air.”All those who steal this
golden fruit will be punished!” Icorus said, “Whatever, I don’t believe in junk like that. Get out
of my way.” The ghost disappeared and Icorus went to pick the orange anyway.As soon as
Icorus touched the golden orange his hand was completely stuck to the tree and he couldn’t get
off of the tree he screamed as loud as he could but no one ever heard him. He was stuck to that

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