It is said the we live in the greatest country with the most powerful government in the world; government ruled by the people a "democracy".Democracy to me means that the people of America are to help in making decisions in which change our every day life.Like in ancient Greece were the people would gather and make new laws and discuss how money was to be spent and many other everyday things like roads and taxes.But as you can tell things cant and don't happen that way any more.There are just to many people to gather everyone together and discuss what we want to happen.Today we appoint representatives to do this for us.As Americans we put are trust in these people to serve us accordingly and not to abuse their powers.We still live in a democracy but the definition has to be altered some, its mob rule anymore it's the masses put all into one person who speaks for us.Many people say that our democratic government is no longer because it is not the people that elect the president anymore but the Electoral College who determines who will by president.The people have some influence in what the electoral college does but not much because if everyone in America voted for one person the college could still make the other candidate president.Even so I still think that we live in a democracy we still have our freedom to do anything we can dream up.Without democracy we wouldn't be able to make more money than anyone else in the world and be able to control our own everyday life.Decisions are made every day in our government by voting.The people that we choose to represent us either vote for our against laws, new taxes and many other things.Then the final product is sent to the president and he either veto's it or excepts it, but there are other countries that have close to the same type of democracy.
For instance Ireland, the Irish people are mainly of the Celtic origin and English is …

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