History: Irish essay. Unionism and Nationalism in Ireland from 1895-1921.
How and what reasons was the movement for home rule led to the emergence of a militant Ulster unionism group between 1906-1914.
It was the fresh wave of political interest into Home rule from politicians that led to the rise of militant groups in Ireland. With so many complex issues trying to be resolved like argument of the stark contrast between north and south Ireland with the unionists cruelly drawing propaganda that uncultured thugs that would ruin the grandeur of Northern Ireland populated the south. They feared that Ireland would suffer the inequalities imposed by home rule. And with English politicians being caught in the middle their broad compromises more often than not did not appease the Unionist or Nationalists it often exacerbate the situation. And in Easter 1916 the attempted rising in Dublin and other militant events like this from the IRA or other factions of was the compilation of militant attacks.
The emergence of militant Ulster unionism was shown in full when Britain went to war. Redmond and 169,000 of the Irish volunteers rallied to the English flag showing the support in the fight against Germany.Whilst The Extremists decided that a show symbolic force would swing things their way. In defiance of the Home Rule Bill that was delayed until after the war. Knowing the end result would result in death and failure their hope was that their symbolic show would be stimulus enough to show their determination for a fully independent Irish State and not the vague promises of an Act of Parliamentfirst granting Home Rule and then suspending it.
The movement for home Rule Came from the Liberals programme of social reform that led to the quarrel with the house pf lords that would eventually lead to the delaying of the home Rule Bill from the Unionists and the Easter Sunday rising as a consequence of this. The Lords digging their feat in ov

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