Is music dictating  culture?  The Jazz Era occured  in the 1920s and influenced the culture making it the Roaring Twenties in many ways. Music still influences culture today in many ways just like it did in the Jazz Age. One of the ways the Twenties was influenced by jazz was it helped to promote women’s liberation. Another influence was how it affected consumerism.  Jazz also helped the African Americans further racial relations.  Popular music has the power to greatly impact components of a society’s culture such as supporting the creating a mass culture, affecting economic trends, and bringing many racial groups together.The women’s liberation movement was advanced to where it is today in part by cultural changes established in the  Jazz movement.  The Jazz Age introduced new fashions for women that allowed them to move freely and show independence and equality. With the demand for these new fashions, where women dressed in a style called flappers, manufacturers began looking at women as a new consumer group.  Women were also getting permanent jobs and becoming independent which ensured their influence on the consumer market.  Female consumers were a large part of the economic boom that was known as the Roaring Twenties.  This all made huge steps towards advancing roles of women and creating more equality in the modern culture.  The Jazz Age was a catalyst that helped women make it to where they are today.  Without the Jazz Age, women’s roles could still be the same as they were before the Twenties. One reason the Jazz Age became so big and the economy did so well was because of the new affordable technology that made everyday life easier.  The radio was an example which provided a new way for music to spread and helped spread its influence over the culture.  The people ran out to buy this new technology to listen to music.  People also bought cars, refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers to bring more convenience to their lives. The luxuries of music and fashion were now more consumer friendly and allowed everyday people to have easy access to these once luxury items. This made consumer market more desirable to people. The nation prospered with more jobs to make and sell such items.  This was the first sign of a trend for the market to make items for consumers that would make tasks easier. This was the beginning of the modern culture being able to advance to what it is today.  The fact African Americans could buy these new items and spread their culture to everyone easier allowed them to be more socially involved.  African Americans are now big influencers in our modern culture and society thanks to the effects created in the Twenties. The acceptance and popularity of the African American music allowed the culture to become popular and more accepted by society.  This started the Harlem Renaissance which contained many new and popular African American artist and writers.  The opportunities in the North made them move out of the South and up North, bringing their culture where they went.  They started the Jazz Age by sharing their culture.  It brought a great influence on the nation that began challenging popular attitudes of racism. They were then able to get jobs and  more opportunities opened to them like performing in clubs.  The Jazz Age was based off of their culture and brought hope and a new appreciation for the African American culture.  This connection between popular music and appreciation for African American tradition is still happening today.  The Jazz Age was a transformational time in American history and has had a lasting effect on our culture.  Music has the ability to challenge the way people think and effect a nation’s economy.  The Jazz Age wouldn’t have happened if the timing of its introduction would not have aligned with introductions of new technology, African Americans being passionate about sharing their culture and an economic boom.  Its effect on our modern culture is greater than most of us realize. Do you look to popular music for ideas on gender roles, consumer goods, and race relations?  

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