Islamophobia in Europe:
an Issue to be Solved Urgently


in directly translated format “Fear of Islam”, is the compound of negative
reaction(s), such as but not limited to fear and/or hatred, towards the
religion of Islam and its adherents. No one can deny that it has become easier
to experience and observe events throughout the entire regions of the globe
that can be considered as islamophobia, one of these aforementioned regions
being Europe. There are many examples, which one can give to support this
thesis; though before explaining these occurrences, a brief context of the
issue would be more efficient to evaluate this case in a proper attitude.

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many can state, Islam is a religion that has hundreds of millions of followers.

The notion of Islam started in the seventh century in Arabic territory, when a
man named as Muhammad claimed to receive messages from the creator, having the
name Allah, via a messenger. With the received messages, which aim to give
lessons to mankind about fundamental concepts of life, a brand-new religion was
formed, with a holy book named as the Quran. At first not being taken as a real
and valid religion, the belief of Islam spread rapidly towards the entire
Arabian Peninsula region. In present day, Islam has an amount of approximately
1.5 believers across worldwide, being the World’s second largest religion in
terms of the number of adherents. This number is estimated to increase with
time, according to a research made by Pew Research Centre. With the figures
showing a decent increase of adherents, it is possible for one to come to the
conclusion that the reaction towards the ideology of Islam will increase as
well. The term of “islamophobia” is created in the 1990s by an organization of
Islamic Brotherhood, which stands for the aim of defending the usage of Quran
and the teachings of Muhammad in the foundation of a present-day civilization.

The term was created to demolish the attempts of criticism and negative
comments towards the religion itself.


question to be asked in order to complete the context is what triggers
islamophobia. The answers vary, though it is believed by many different
institutions and scholars that the lack of information is the fundamental
reason of islamophobia. It is widely believed among the islamophobic community
that Islam is a device of promoting violence and terrorism. It can be stated
that this idea originates from factors involving past events, in other words
terrorist attacks, or the presence of Islamic terrorist groups. Also, the rules
of religion can be viewed as concrete and not being open to new changes over
time, which may put the societies opposing the ideology as a whole.


of Europe show a crucially high percentage of islamophobia. Some citizens take
a stance by viewing Muslims as people who may have a negative effect on the
system. Especially with the start of the Syrian Civil War in the beginning of
2010s, the refugee flow to Europe started to increase in a fast rate, resulting
in thousands of refugees, majority of them being Muslims, roaming the states. A
few countries have taken measures, like Hungary building a wall on its borders
to prevent unlawful passage, and border control policies have been strengthened
across Europe. Apart from that, physical violence towards Muslim people is
present in majority of European states, in forms of vandalism performed on
properties of Muslim people or attacks conducted on people. Rebels in states
including Germany and France burned down mosques. Reminding that such events are
seen in not just these previously mentioned countries but many others in the
region immediate action must be taken.


lack of education is one of the key points to the issue, and it should be
solved by increasing the education; not just on Islam, but different religious
views as well in order to abolish any and all misunderstandings. People who
commit islamophobic crimes should be given definite fines, as anything other
than punishing the criminals would appreciate what they have done. The attitude
of specific European nations isn’t helping the overall situation; instead, the
rate shows drastic increase day by day. Thus, it should be the ultimate duty of
these nations to change their views on the religion and its people to prevent
any further harm to the globe.

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