After World War II, the British withdrew from Palestine leaving the United Nations to separate the area into Jewish and Arab states.The Arabs furiously rejected this plan.For years to come violence would prevail over this cherished territory.The violence that has taken place over the years has helped to shape Israel's political situations such as elections, its economic status, and national security issues.
Israel originally had a traditional economy, based mainly on agriculture, light industry and labor intensive production. "Israel became a knowledge-based economy, with internationally competitive telecommunications, high-tech, and agro-technology industries."Israel has the highest average living standards in the Middle East but all citizens are not benefiting from the wealth of Israel. Costs of living in Israel are high, and for many their wages never manage to cover more than just the basic costs. Israel has a large portion of the population that lives under very modest conditions. "Much of the growth in Israeli economy comes from a politics that has allowed highdeficits on state budgets and foreign trade balance. Israel has the most diversified economy of the Middle East, and has a high level of modernization."
Mining is an important activity for Israeli economy, of which much is extracted from the Dead Sea. Petroleum extraction exists in Israel, but is very small scale. "Agriculture in Israel is very effective, as is able to covering about 75% of domestic needs, despite the limited land available." (www.machers.com)
National security is an extremely serious situation in Israel due to their opposing views with Arab States.Israel had decided on building a wall to try and keep out Palestinian suicide bombers."Israel’s supreme court Sunday ordered the suspension of building work on a section of the barrier northwest of Jerusalem where two Palestinian protesters …

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