Thesis- Israel has preserved their culture, land, and well being by defending their borders stopping any attempt to disrupt the Jewish state.
Israel is extremely different than their surrounding countries.Being very unique in their niche of the world has made Israel have some enemies.Other countries have tried to break Israel's back by constantly attacking all the hold sacred.Sometimes going to such extremes as to attack during religious holidays and killing children.Israel has preserved their place in the world by defending their borders and stopping any attempt to ruin the Jewish state. (World Book Online…par 6-7)
In 1948 the UN decided to break Palestine up into two parts, one Arab the other Jewish.Theist created the state of Israel.The Arabs however, rejected the split.What was to come was Israel'sfirst war.But instead of fighting one enemy they had to fight several.Armies were sent by Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon to fight the UN's decision.The result was the war of 1948-'49.
The Arabs had an enormous strategic advantage.With Jordan's 10,000 British trained troops artillery experienced, and Iraq's army planning to cut the Jewish state in half things looked good for the Arabs.The Egyptian forces were planning on giving Israel a deafening blow by going through Gaza and towards Jerusalem in two different forces. All in all the Arabs were very confident with their numbers compared to the Israeli's with the Arabs at 37,000 and Israel at 28,000.If performed correct the Arabs could make the Israelis fight on three differ fronts.That would prove to be very beneficial to the Arabs for the Israelis were ill equipped and inexperienced for such a fight.
Thefirst of the attacks began when Syria attacked Northern Israeli villages.The Syrians started on May 14 with an artillery attack concentrated on the Ein GeV area.This was accompanied with an attack…

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