It is no big secret that Israelis and Palestinians have not gotten along in the past couple of thousand years.Reports of violence and devastation come out of Israel almost every day.But what many people fail to recognize is that this seemingly regional dispute has slowly evolved into an urgent global issue.The problem is getting worse and there appears to be no end to the merciless use of violence between the Palestinians and Israelis.Every time a Palestinian suicide bomber kills an Israeli civilian, the Israeli Defense Force retaliates.Every time the Israeli Defense Force destroys a Palestinian home, another suicide bomber volunteers to blow him or herself up.This presumably endless cycle of hostility must be resolved immediately through peaceful diplomacy.There is no longer trust between the Palestinians and Israelis, and it is obvious that they are not determined to resume peace talks without a mediator.Thus the United States must comprise some type of solution to this issue otherwise the violence can, and will, spread across the globe.
We can see how this conflict has escalated to this point by looking at the past.Both the Palestinians and the Israelis have very distinct and conflicting religious beliefs.Each feel entitled to the same land, but neither of them wants to share it with the other.The current hostility is concentrated in the nation of Israel, but more specifically the areas of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.These areas were not part of Israel when it was formed in 1948.Israel attained the territories through many violent conflicts during the latter part of the twentieth century.Before World War II both the Palestinians and Israelis were promised the land.However, after the war, the atrocities of the Holocaust and the petitioning done by the Zionist Movement influenced the British to give the land to the Jews. This triggered Jews from around the globe to begin migrating to Is…

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