It is legal l for every single one of us, as
grown-ups, to fly planes, take out credit, wed, drive cars, pay charges, vote,
and put our lives on the line in the military. However, it is illegal for us to
take a seat to have a drink in a controlled, supervised atmosphere, or even taste champagne at your own wedding. drinking has for some
time been a custom of college life. Whatever the legal drinking age is, it
appears individuals are starting to drink at younger and younger ages. 

College and non-college men and women under age continue to drink with and/or without a drinking age in place. The
drinking age has been a debated on for years. Studies demonstrate that the normal high schooler
seventeen and up spends $ 475. 00 a year on alcohol, for the most part beer.
Most guardians don’t think about high school drinking unless they catch their
children doing it. A few guardians say, “their children could never do
that “, and they are the ones whose children most likely drink more than
the normal adolescent. One may ask, how do kids get liquor? Liquor is nearly as
simple to get as a container of milk. When someone gets drunk there is no one there to help them. They would rather stay by themselves then get busted
for drinking, which in turn leads to rape, and or death. 

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Journal of the American Academy of Child
and Adolescent Psychiatry published a study saying that drinking among underaged women, and men has either not changed at all and/or has increased. “Just this summer 2009 a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry revealed that, among college-age males, binge drinking is unchanged from its levels of 1979; that
among non-college women it has increased by 20 percent; and that among college
women it has increased by 40 percent.” (4) This just proves that not only has the drinking age not helped, but has also made the situation worse. 

There of course are always two sides to every debate. One side stating that the drinking age should be lowered because a drinking age of
21 has only tempted students to drink more. “I think back to when I was a freshman in college. I
was by no means a partier, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have memories of
drinking the worst rot-gut whiskey in my friends’ dorm rooms and houses.” because they can’t drink they want to drink. On the other side they
think that the drinking age should stay the same because it has not only made young adults safer but also has saved their lives. “The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates
that about 900 lives are saved annually due to fewer alcohol-related traffic
crashes involving underage drivers.” According to them less car accidents case by drunk driving has taken place. 

It is assessed that underage drinking costs
the US $ 58 billion every year in accidents, wrongdoing and hospitalizations.
An expected 33% of Americans swear off drinking liquor or alcohol. Stricter laws make it difficult for young people to break them that
effectively. Guardians play a key part in molding their child’s future. Everything considered a lot of people for one are against underage drinking and certainly
against the suggestion that the legitimate drinking age ought to be brought

Don’t get me wrong I can totally understand why they would think that the drinking age is fine as it is. They believe that students are less likely to be drunk while driving because they can’t drink. Young adults are more likely to get intoxicated at the age of 18 then at 21. They even state that there are not any real statistics, and/or proven facts to say that lowering the
drinking age will help, but that’s a lie. Most of the time a rape in college has happened in the proximity of alcohol. Drunk driving has lowered because students are getting
smarter. Why would they get on the rode drunk and risk getting caught by police? Instead of going out an exploiting the fact that their drinking under aged they stay inside increasing the risk of getting ill. 

Students can’t just go to a bar and
ask for a drink. In a bar there are people around you, people who can help you
if you get intoxicated, and sick. Students buy fake ids and take their alcohol
to their dorm rooms with no one around to look after them. When the drinking
age went up, teenagers didn’t stop drinking; their parties were merely moved to
cars, frats, homes, anywhere and everywhere.

The solution of disallowing them to drink
has proved counterproductive. Fighting to make alcohol legally accessible to
all adults ages 18 and up can diminish teen-age alcohol abuse. We need to change our ways and learn how to drink
gradually, safely, and in moderation. By working towards lowering the drinking age,
educating, and promoting responsible drinking to children, teen-agers, and very
importantly, college students, our society can endeavor to eliminate the severe
problems with alcohol that exist. 

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