It is part of human nature to satisfy wants, as and when the need arises and in doing so we are bound to take decisions on how to carry out these activities (Kolter 2016, p33). The decision to satisfy a need is not just created but the impulse comes naturally, and they form our general makeup as humans (G. Armstrong 2016, p30). From the marketing theory of buyer decision making, we can identify some steps and procedures that individuals (consumers) go through before and after purchasing a product or services (Masterson, 2010).

The decision to go ahead to make a purchase are sometimes influenced by reviews and blogs that are posted online by some digital influencers because bloggers (influencers) provide insights to consumer as well as service a word of mouth communication (Wang, 2015, p538).  Hence it is very important for producers and companies to identify these influencers and have an idea of the kind of role they play in the market within which they operate their various businesses and services because these influencers receive a lot of marketing attention due to the role they play (Wang, 2015, p538).  It is upon this information that this project seeks to explore more on how the activities of influencers influences decision making.

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1.1 Aims and objectives

The aim of this project is to gather information on how bloggers and vloggers influence a customer’s decision when purchasing fashion and beauty product. This project seeks to investigate and analyse how the activities of these influencers can influence the decision made by a consumer.

Break down of objectives

•           To analyse the role bloggers/vloggers on consumer decision making within the clothing and makeup market

•           To know how consumers perceive digital influencers

•           To explore how the clothing and makeup industry is using the influencer to market their products.


1.2 Secondary Research Process

This project exploits and identifies both primary and secondary data sources in other to achieve its aims and objectives. Books, academic journals, online magazines and marketing research academic website such ABI ProQuest, Mintel and WARC are used to have first of all have an overview of the clothing and makeup industry. Also marketing academic theories such as consumer decision making process, consumer perception and other theories will be exploited in other to have an in-depth view of the industry as well as the mean focus while is the influencer market. Also, website site such as YouTube and other Vlogging sites are used in other to have an idea of how influencers use blogging and vlogging to influence consumer decision making process.

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